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The Cosmo Blog Awards 2015

November 28, 2015

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I’m so late publishing this #CosmoBlogAwards post. All the excitement around the event has completely died down and here I am, nearly ten days on, clearly trying to relive it. But only because it was such a lovely night and I wish I could do it all over again. Here is how my night went down at the 2015 Cosmo Blog Awards…

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cosmo blog awards 2015 event 6

cosmo full length


New Look Black Metallic Flared JumpSuit
Floral Winter Headband, Handmade by me
New Look Platforms, last season


Kir Blush // Blossom Hill Belle Blush, Creme De Casses
Roxy Gimlet // Blossom Hill Belle Blush, Gin, Lime Cordial
Black Rose // Blossom Hill Belle Blush, Blackberries, Fresh Lime Juice, Sugar Syrup


Mini Fish & Chips
Salmon & Cream Cheese Lollies
Tiny Chocolate puddings
Ladida Chocolate Covered Oreos

cosmo blog awards 2015 event 9

I went along with six other girls from my category (Best in Travel). We actually all met up the night before for a little pre Cosmo dinnerย at OPSO, were we gabbed away over glasses of Prosecco whilst eating fancy food. It was such a good idea meeting up beforehand as we really got to know each other and had a fab night. So jump forward 24 hours and it was like we were a bunch of old friends all meeting up for a night on the town.

Katy of NotWedorDead came to mine first to get ready. Things got super girly as we curled our hair and did our make-up over a few glasses of bubbly, which made such a lovely change from getting ready withย the Beard who just sits around telling me to ‘Hurry the fudge up’. We then hopped in an Uber and met the rest of the girls by the entrance on the red carpet.

cosmo blog awards 2015 event 11

cosmo blog awards 2015 event 12

I have to admit, this years awards completely topped last years, the venue alone had all our jawsย dropping to the floor as we stepped inside. The venue,ย One Marleybone, is a converted church that is now popular for Weddings and Luxury events, and it easy to see why. It’s ceiling looked incredibly ornate in contrast to it’s modern interior. Not to mention the layout was beautiful, with the circular bar in the middle of the room, and Cosmo’s Orange and White balloons everywhere, which made a refreshing change from pink!

Once we’d all grabbed a Belle Blush drink, we headed over to have a group photo done in the Beautiful booth set up by Headoo.



There were various brands there, my favourite being Ladida treats, who you may remember I blogged about back in October. They areย Oreo cookies colourfully decorated and they taste heavenly. For anyone wanting to try them you canย find them in Selfridges. There was also a brand called Beach So Chic who gave us each a gorgeous henna tattoo. More of these please for all my future nights out, they are so pretty and only took a few minutes to apply.

cosmo blog awards 2015 event 4

cosmo blog awards 2015 event 18

cosmo blog awards 2015 pampering

After a little pampering, plenty of drinking, lots of chit chatting and far too much clicking of our cameras, it was time for the awards. I got to see some lovely bloggers I know win their categories, such as Catherine from Vintage Frills who won Best Photography. Unfortunately I didn’t place in my category, but that was something I had already prepared myself for. I had some seriously fierce competition! All my fellow travel nominees are super talented, and I’m not just saying that, I’ve read all their blogs and I’m in awe of every single one of them (and a tad jealous of all the jet-setting!). Rather than feel like I was competing against them, I felt very honoured to even be in the same category as them. And because I had already told myself that I wasn’t going to win, I was able to go along with the intention of just enjoying the night, having fun, meeting other bloggers and, ahem, taking advantage of the free drinks. The winner in our category went to SophiesSuitcase, who totally deserved toย win. Congrats Sophie if your reading this!

Here is a full list of all the winners:

Best for Beauty, sponsored by Remington
WINNER: Brogan Tate xo
Highly commended – Tea Party With Alice

Best for Fashion, sponsored by Debenhams
WINNER: The Pixie Cut
Highly commended – Whitney’s Wonderland

Best for food
WINNER: Pretty Hungry
Highly commended – Binny’s Kitchen

Best use of Photography
WINNER: Vintage Frills
Highly Commended – Sophia Meola

Best for Fitness
WINNER: Carly Rowena
Highly commended – Gymbags and Gladrags

Best for Bridal
WINNER: So you’re Getting Married
Highly commended – Bespoke Bride

Best for Sex & Relationships
WINNER: Simply Oloni
Highly commended – Sex And London City

Best for Home
WINNER: Kate Young Design
Highly commended – Hannah Gale

Best for Travel
WINNER: Sophie’s Suitcase
Highly commended – Twins that Travel

Best Vlog, sponsored by Blossom Hill Belle Blush
WINNER: Ugly Face of Beauty
Highly commended – Brogan Tate xo

cosmo blog awards 2015 event 17

cosmo blog awards 2015 event 7

After all the awards were handed out, it felt as though 100 bloggers all breathed a sigh of relief as the tense and nerve-wracking part was over. It was time to relax. So out came tray after tray of food and none of us held back. I had enough mini fish & chips to amount to an actual meal, and I ย may have shoved a Ladida cookie (or seven) in my gob. I also continued to enjoy all the Belle Blush Wine-Cocktails being handed out, the Black Roseย being my choice of poison.

cosmo blog awards 2015 event 16

cosmo blog awards 2015 event 14

cosmo blog awards 2015 event 20

cosmo blog awards 2015 event 10

I got to meet xAmeliax, a blogger & vlogger I’ve followed for a while, and she introduced me to Brogan Tate who scooped two awards that night (Best Beauty Blog and Highly Commended for Best Vlogger) and Emily who writes RecipesandReviewsย (warning: do not read her blog if you’re hungry, you will drool all over your keyboard). At the end of the night, the four of us, plus Katy and a fewย other bloggers, all ended up heading to the pub over the road to carry on the party (I can never just be sensible and have an early night, can I?)

Despite the pub landlord literally forcing us all out the door at midnight after, yes, more wine, Emily, Katy and myself STILL wanted to carry on. Which is how we ended up dancing away in Soho till 4am. 4AM!!!It’s been a while since I’ve done a 4AM’er. But that’s when my feet gave up and decided enough was enough and it was time to nightbus it home, such an unglamorous way to end my super glam evening (back to reality eh?)

cosmo blog awards 2015 event 21

cosmo blog awards night out

It was an awesome night. I loved hanging out with all the other bloggers; I laughed with them so much that my face hurt the next day (along with my head). I mentioned in this post, that the best thing about being nominated for the Cosmo’s this year has definitely been meeting all the other amazing bloggers, especially my fellow travel nominees. Last year when I attended the awards I was completely lacking confidence. I hardly knew anyone, I went along with one other blogger who I haven’t really stayed in touch with since. And although I had a great time, I got drunk, I mingled and met a few other bloggers, and it was definitely one of the highlights of my year, I secretly felt like an imposter, like someone who had just snuck in and didn’t belong there.

But this year was VERY different. This year I felt very much like I was part of the wonderful blogging community. I didn’t win, and yet I felt like I had! I came away from the awards on cloud nine. I felt, and still feel, like I’ve really achieved something by being nominated and by being part of this amazing community, and by beginning to build individual relationships with each of these wonderful and talented girls whom I was nominated alongside.




And although I didn’t win, I still want to Thank every single one of you who took the time to vote for me. I know I can be a pain in the arse when I spam your twitter and facebook feeds with posts saying ‘Vote for me, Vote for me’ย so Thank you for putting up with, not blanking, blocking and deleting me off social media and for sticking around. It really means a lot.

x x Thank you x x

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