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How to have the Perfect Winter Duvet Day

November 21, 2015

The winter season is officially here, bringing with it many a Christmas party, the un-escapable Flu virus and plenty of freezing coldย wet afternoons. All of which are perfect excuses to have a Duvet Day.

I can’t advise doing it all the time, but I genuinely think having a Duvet Day is beneficial to ones health. At this time of year things can get chaotic and it is important we take the time to let ourselves completely relax and reboot (an office I used to work in actually allowed each permanent member of staff to take two unannounced duvet days per year, it was written into their contracts!) So whether you’re nursing a hangover, nursing a cold, or just don’t fancy facing the harsh cold world that lies outside yourย front door, here is how to have yourself the Perfect Winter Duvet day:


Stock up on snacking essentials
It is important to have snacks PLUSย back up snacks prepared for your Duvet Day, failing to do this will mean you’ll have to actually get up, get dressed and, dare I say it, brave the outside world for more supplies.ย Personally I HAVE to have chocolate in the house if I’m having a Duvet Day, it’s my no.1 DD essential. I also like to have biscuits or cake stored away too, just incase I run out of chocolate.

PJ’s are a must
This could be your dinosaur onesie, your boyfriend’s T-shirt, a snuggly dressing gown or perhaps a pair of yourย finest plaid pyjamas, but either way you want to be wearing whatever it is that makes you feel like you never want to get dressed again. A Duvet Day is about avoiding those skinny jeans you struggle to fasten, and steering clear of the thong that rides up your arse crack. Take off your underwear, including your Bra, and get comfortable.

hot chocolate

Indulge in plenty of Hot Drinks
When the rain is coming down outside there is something wonderful about being wrapped up inside with a hot drink in your hands. I’m a lover of both tea and coffee, but for planned Duvet Days I’ve been to known to splash out on a few hot chocolate ingredients including whipped cream, marshmallows and sprinkles in order to make my myself the most over the top hot chocolate possible. Of course if you’re feeling lazy, dont bother with all the extras, instead why not make a flask of tea, coffee or hot chocolate and haveย a hot drink by your side all day?

Light a Candle or two
Candles are so soothing and they really help me to relax, so pick your favorite one, light it up and let the beautiful aroma help you to unwind (or kill off the smell of booze if this a post-party Duvet Day).

take away take out duvet day

Let the food come to you
Don’t even think about cooking. Duvet Days are about relaxing and spoiling yourself, not cooking up a mess to clean up later. And if you’re hungover then chances are that this is going to be the only way you will feed yourself, so put down the kitchen utensils and pick up the takeaway menu (or open the JustEat app or website on your phone – does anyone even use takeaway menus anymore??) Ditch the calorie counting app and treat yourself to something you wouldn’t normally; a greasy chinese, a spicy thai or maybe a big fat cheesey pizza.

Snuggle into the Perfect Pillow & Duvet
Now that you have all your snacks prepared, have ordered your food, and are wearing the appropriate clothing, it’s time to snuggle into your duvet. Now remember, it’s not called ‘Thin Manky Blanket Day’, it’s a Duvet Day, and so of course you need to be wrapped up in the softest of duvets. Yorkshire Linens are a great place to get super snuggly duvets at dirt cheap prices, although I must warn you, once you’re wrapped up in one, you may not want to get out. And lets not forget the pillows too, I’m most certainly a pillow encourager, I love lying in a big pile of those soft and squishy shapes (and for my next Duvet Day I’ve already got my eye on this ยฃ7.99 V shaped Pillow). And make sure your bedding is fresh and clean, trust me it will make your Duvet Day ten times better.

duvet day entertainment

Soak up Storytime
It’s time to finally watch that newย Netflix show, or you could go retro and bust out some of your favorite DVD’s. Despite having seen every episode a million times, I never get bored of watching Friends and it’s a popular Duvet Day companion of mine. As is Sex and the City,ย another boxset I will NEVER grow tired of. And Christmas movies are always fun to watch on a Winter Duvet Day, my fave being A Muppets Christmas Carol. Of course if you don’t fancy staring at a screen all day, then cuddle up with your favorite book/s, or grab a new one to get crackin’ on. I don’t get a lot of time to read these days, so reading a book, or some magazines and blogs are all MUSTS on my Duvet Days.

Don’t be afraid to Nap
Naps are definitely allowed on Duvet Day. One of the nicest feelings in the world is waking up and knowing you don’t have anywhere to be. You can just stay put in your lovely warm duvet.

coffee duvet day

Doesn’t that all sound heavenly? Food, films, more food and the lovely warmth and comfort of a ย cuddly duvet. Is there anything you would add to this list to make your Duvet Day perfect? Online shopping? Gaming? Gossiping on the phone? I’d love to know in the comments below.

Collaborative post withย Yorkshire Linens