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8 Things you should NOT be doing in Hostels

November 17, 2015

As much as I wish I could afford to travel the world in luxury, its something my bank balance will not allow me to do. But I enjoy staying in hostels and I like to think I’ve become well-accustomed to the hostel life, to the rules and all the do’s and dont’s. And so in the spirit of #TravelTuesday I thought I would share with you some of the DO NOT’S, which, if you want to make friends and have a good time, are probably more important than the DO’s

1) DO NOT have sex in a shared dorm
Just don’t. Seriously. Especially not the loud kind. Have respect for others in the room. If you really insist, either wait till the middle of the day when no one is around or go and do it in the shower where you can wash away your dirty dirty sins!

2) DO NOT choose wifi over the world
I understand you might have a blog to run, family to email, friends to Skype, but when you start logging onto Facebook everyday to see what everyone’s doing back home, you need a slap in the face. Yes it’s good to stay in a hostel that has free wifi but that is not the reason you travelled a thousand miles. Turn off the laptop, put your shoes on and get outside.

3) DO NOT use other people’s soap
A squirt of someone else’s shower gel here and there probably won’t harm anyone. But don’t you dare be that minger that picks up someone elses bar of soap to rub all over your body and then put it back like they won’t notice. They will. It’s reduction in size will tell the truth, not to mention the stray pube stuck to the side! And don’t even think about touching anothers toothbrush.

4) DO NOT accept a freebie in return for a good review at a bad place
I’ve seen quite a few hostels offer either free drinks from the bar, or “the chance to win a free night”, if you give them a good review. Let’s be honest, a good hostel doesn’t need to bribe you into telling people it’s a good hostel! But a bad hostel does, and it’s unfair of you to influence someone else to stay there when you know it’s a crappy, dirty, overpriced hostel with rude staff.

5) DO NOT steal food
No matter how close you think you’ve become to that lovely Irish girl you share a room with, you should still ASK if you can eat her bread, instead of just taking it (you don’t want to feel the wrath of a hungry hostel guest who has had their food stolen). It’s more of a problem in long-term live-in hostels but it can cause huge arguments and lead toΒ people storing food in dorms and beds which will just to lead to the invasions of pests. But if you like giant ants in your pants, then by all means ignore this paragraph.


6) DO NOT leave People Out
I love hostel life but every now and then you will find a clique that decide they aren’t taking anymore applications for theirΒ gang, meaningΒ they won’t invite you to all their fun and cool activities, and all of a sudden it’s like being back in high school and no one is picking youΒ to be on their sports team. Travel is supposed to be about meeting new people from all walks of life, so don’t be a dick and make sure you invite the people along who are too shy to invite themselves.

7) DO NOT turn off the aircon without asking others!!
Dear all the people who I shared a dorm with in Asia 2013 and would turn off the aircon because they were “sooooo cold“. I hate you. Put some more clothes on if your cold instead of making the rest of usΒ all do the toss and turn sweat dance in bed.

8) DO NOT talk on the phone when everyone elseΒ is sleeping
I totally understand that people get homesick or miss their boyfriends, girlfriends, mothers, cats and dogs (true story). And I totally understand that 8pm their time is 4am our time, but forΒ goodness sakeΒ take the phone call outside to a communal area. You may be speaking another language but we all know the universal sound for kissy-kissy, and we don’t need to be woken up by it at an in-decent hour, not when we’ve got big plans to get up and laze in a hammackΒ all day!

Do you enjoy hostel life or are you more of a hotel/private room kinda backpacker?

What are your hostel Do’s and Dont’s? Have I missed anything off this list?