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Video: How to make a Winter Warmer Vegtable Broth

November 16, 2015


My immune system is rubbish when it comes to fighting off pesky bugs and colds. Which means that it’s only mid-November but I’ve already caught the flu (twice!) and will no doubt catch it a couple more times over the Winter period. Which is great because that runny nose, puffy eyed, flem gob is such an attractive look to have for party season. But one good thing that has come from catching a coldย is my Winter Warmer Vegtable Broth.

If you’d have told me a year ago that I’d be sharing my own soup recipe on this blog, I would have laughed in your face. Me? Cooking? From scratch? No way.

But one of the best things that has come from my decision to go freelance is the extra time I have acquired for cooking. I used to tell everyone I hated cooking, but now I realise I hadn’t actually tried it properly. I was just lazy and tired. After a long day in the office, followed by my commute home, the last thingย I wanted to do wasย stand aroundย cooking (which is why the Beard did it all). Butย having my office right next to my Kitchen has actually enbaled me to really get into cooking and I have fallen in-love with it. Asian favorites, Spicy Chilli Dishes, Heartyย Fish Pies – there are so many things I’ve been cooking up in the kitchen and I’m enjoying it more than I ever imagined I would.

But anyway, back to the blog post in hand. Whilst trying to fight off the flu a few weeks ago, I decided to attempt a broth of some sort to warm me up and replenish myself with vitamins. Rather than follow a recipe, I decided I was experienced enough in the kitchen to just wing it. Plus I couldn’t really be bothered to go to the shops and buy everything that a cookbook would tell meย I needed. Instead I just usedย EVERYTHINGย in my fridge & cupboardย that looked like itย might contain vitaminsย and couldย be chopped up to go into soup.

Surpsingly it worked and I mannaged to cook up a super tasty Vegtable broth, so yummy in fact that I made it again this weekend and decided to film it for my Youtube Channel. I would like to point out, this little video is just a quick rough recipe, add whatever else to it you like (I forgot to add my brocolli – you might even notice it sitting there in the background of the video, helpess and silent as I ignored it, doh!)

I hope you guys like it and if anyone actually ends up using the recipe or making your own interpiration of it,ย I would LOVE to know in the comments below.