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12 Reasons you should give London a shot

November 10, 2015

Iโ€™ve ranted a lot on this blog about how bloody expensive the city of London is, and I will continue to rant in the future. But as much as I moan about the extravagant rent situation, I have to remind myself that I chose to live in this city. And why did I do that? BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME!

Yes London is horribly expensive, yes we choose not toย smile at each on the on the tube and yes, the traffic is some of the worst I’ve ever come across (seriously, screw driving in London) but ultimately there is no other place quite like our capital city. Itโ€™s basically one big historical, beautiful magical and chaotic mess. And I think all Brits need to come and try it out at least once. Even if itโ€™s just for a week or two. Here are 12 reasons London is an AMAZING city to live in…

food London

The food, oh the food
Chinese? Japanese? Vietnamese? Lebanese? German? French? American? Mexican? You name it, London not only has it, but it has LOTS of it. From family-run chains such as the Vietnamese restaurant’s Pho, to small independent authenticย restaurants such as my local Sushi place Sushi Say,ย London is bursting with a diverseย mix of both traditional restaurants & cafes to the completely random and unconventional, such as bubble dogsย (champagne & hot dogs). And none of the above even includes the incredible street food on offer, nom nom nom!

The Music Scene
Hard rock Calling, Field Day, Lovebox, SW4, British Summer Time are just a few of the festivals that happen in London every year! No camping necessary. Just wake up, roll out of bed, have an AMAZING time, then roll back home. Plus there are gigs every single night in London, thousands of them. Of course if your more into show tunes, London isn’t short of those either with plenty of shows and musicals on in the West End.

You are linked to the rest of the world
If you travel a lot or just enjoy heading away for the weekend, then London is a great place to live for all its Transport links. London has five major airports: London Heathrow, London Stansted, London Gatwick, London Luton and London City, so you can literally fly anywhere. Plus it has the Eurostar at St Pancras station which can take you to Paris, Brussels and beyond.

London is awake 24/7
The city of London literally never sleeps. I never worry about running out of milk because the shops by my house NEVER close. Seriously, they are open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Buses run all through the night and soon the tube will (apparently) follow. Most of the retail shops open at 9am and close at 8pm, bar Thursdays and Saturdays when they stay open till 9/10pm. For the gym-goers there are 24 hour gyms and for partygoers there are raves that literally take place over an entire weekend. And if you get too boozy and end up snoozy, don’t worry about missing Pancakes, not when there are so many restaurants offering all-day brunch menus.

tower Bridge

At night is it simply Beautiful
But pictures dont do it justice, you must come and see it for yourself

There is ALWAYS something unusual to do
Fancy a silent disco at the zoo? Ice skating at the Natural history museum? Cocktails in a 1940’s tube station? Interested in cuddling cats in a coffee shop? Or how about coffee in the lavatory? There are always new things to try in London and they just keep getting quirkier and quirkier. Next time I feel like uttering the words ‘I’m bored’, I’m going to slap myself in the face and make myself read this post.

The Markets
There is the crazy clothes and neon leggings of Camden Market, the tasty fish and Prosecco Cheese (yes, PROSECCO cheese) of Borough Market and lets not forget the cute and colourful Columbia Road Market.

There is Art everywhere, like, EVERYWHERE
It’s hard to avoid art in London. Of course there are all the amazing galleries, but you are also surrounded by incredible street art too. From West London to East you can find beautiful graffitied walls, bridges and shops, and you might even see a banksy or two.

London architecture

You are surrounded by Museums & Landmarks
Did you know there are more than 50 museums in London? My favorite is the Natural History Museum, but I’m also a huge fan of the V&A. Aside from the major museums, there are also much smaller ones from the British Transport Museum to the Cartoon Museum. And it’s not just Museums that hold the amazing art, history and architecture of the city, but the city itself. In my previous commute I would pass Tower Bridge and the HMS Belfast every day, then from the office be able to see The Shard, The Gherkin and the Walkie Talkie. And with London’s great Transport system everything is just minutes away. You can take in the incredible history of the Tower of London and then pop over to see the Queen at Buckingham Palace*

*FYI, you don’t actually see her, soz

We’ve got some serious Park Life
London has some of the most beautiful parks and you are never far from one. They are all HUGE too. The biggest is Richmond Park that even has it’s own herd of Deer that roam the grounds – fancy! Whereas more central parks such as Hyde Park have smaller wildlife (mainly squirrels and ducks) but is often used to host huge events such as The Race for Life and The London Parks Half Marathon and has previously held music events such as Hard Rock Calling and Wireless and from November through to January it is transformed into Winter Wonderland.

Because even the train stations are magical
Thanks to the amazingly creative mind of J.K Rowling, we can all now get a taste and feel of witch and wizard life by checking out platform 9 & 3/4 at Kings Cross. There is a whole Harry Potter shop there too! In fact, if you’re a real big fan of Harry Potter you can do a London tour of where some of the scenes were set and filmed – I did one a few years ago and it was really fun.

You can be whoever you want to be in London
There is something about London that just lets you be whoever you want to be. This city is full of musicians, photographers, bloggers, writers, artists and people just bursting at the seams with creative flair. I’ve met so many people who have come to London and admitted that they have felt like they are able to be the person they want to be. From cross-dressing Fashionistas to passionate yet previously shy singers, being in London with all it’s crazy and creative opportunities, we have all been ableย to explore our real style, be adventurous and be unafraid to embrace different things.

What do you think of London? Would you live here? Maybe you already do – if so, do you agree with my list?