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A Taste of Tenerife with Thomas Cook Airlines #CarnivalFiesta

November 1, 2015



Did you know that the second largest Carnival in the world takes place in Tenerife??


Nope. I too had no idea.

But it’s true.

Every February, Tenerife hosts one hell of a Carnival, where people can go cray cray for costumes & cross-dressing, get down and dirty by dancing in the streets, and enjoy fun and fabulous music, and we’ve all been missing out on this!

But after getting a little sneak peak of Carnival Life at a recent event with Thomas Cook Airlines, it has most certainly been added to my bucket list…



Thomas Cook Airlines decided to throw a bit of an End of the Summer #CarnivalFiesta last month to remind us bloggers that Winter may be coming, but things could be heating up sooner than we think! With Thomas Cook doing super-duper flight offers for the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival in February 2016, they wanted to give us (and you) a little taste of what you can expect to see at the 2016 Carnival.

Held at Barrio East in Shoreditch, a Brazilian style cocktail bar, the night involved plenty of sexy swaying on the dancefloor, trays upon trays of tropical seafood and we even got to make and wear our own exotic headwear! But let’s start with the cocktails shall we? Oh the cocktails!




We were not only treated to what felt like an endless supply of mojitos and margaritas, but we also got to go behind the bar and have a go at making our own drinks with the expert cocktail makers and mixologists. I had a go at making a margarita and was actually VERY pleased with the result.



Of course we couldn’t help but ask to see a little Carnival magic and things most certainly got a little fiery!


A Carnival wouldn’t be a Carnival without some fabulous headwear. So TCA even set up a DIY headwear area. It was glue guns galore as we sat and attached sequins and feathers to colourful pieces whilst shoulder rolling to the Brazilian music, stopping every now and then to take a sip on our margaritas – what a great way to spend a chilly tuesday evening. As we glued, cut and stick we nattered away like a bunch of old ladies at a knitting club.





As pleased with myself as I was for completing my headpiece without gluing myself or anyone else to their seats, I can’t say mine was the most adventurous creation. Not compared to some of the others that were genuinely stunning (how do they do it??) I think I was far too fearful of harming those around me, glue guns scare me. I was much better at the cocktail making. Let’s take another moment to appreciate the cocktails….



TCA had even set up an entire make-up station where you could have Carnival nails painted, Carnival-esque glitter applied to your face or just have a play around with some make-up to create your own Carnival look.



After gluing, sticking, cocktailing and beautifying, we got the chance to have a private Samba lesson with the clubs resident dancers. They had opened up the evening with one hell of a sexy performance, and now we got the chance to have a go too. I’m not sure I was appropriately dressed in my suede over-the-knee winter boots, jeans and a thick blue jumper (it was cold out!) but I gave it my best shot.




I actually really enjoyed it. And I’m glad I got the chance to do it AFTER I’d drank several cocktails; I was a lot more confident with the moves than I would have been at the start of the night. By the end of the dance session I was flipping my hair, strutting along and shaking my hips like I was a backing dancer from a Shakira video …. can’t say I would have looked like one though.


At Carnival it is apparently tradition to burn a huge figure of a fish! As fun as that sounds, I imagine the Barro East health & safety rules meant a big fat NO to that. So instead we bashed a Piñata to pieces. I’ve never had a go at a Piñata before, so of course I HAD to have a go at smashing the hell out of the poor paper fish that TCA had hung from the ceiling. It’s actually a lot harder than it looks, even without the blindfold. But eventually, after a few eyes were nearly taken out, the fish was beaten, killed and out poured hundreds some bags of Haribo which we all I dived to the ground to pick up as if £50 pound notes had erupted across the floor!



If this was just a taste of what to expect at Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival, then sign me up as I had a FAB night and would absolutely love to experience the real thing, especially as flying out to the Rio Carnival isn’t exactly in my budget right now. But who cares about Rio if the next best thing is on my door step?? I personally would love to go along and party with the peeps of Teneriffe. I’d don a full costume, fabulous headpiece and put that Samba lesson to good use and shake what my momma gave me – all the while filming it for the YouTube Channel of course. I wouldn’t dare not share the footage of me falling arse over tits in a giant head dress!

If you want to have your own Tenerife Carnival Fiesta fun, then mark the dates Feb 3rd to Feb 14th in your diary, and check out these AMAZING flight prices on the TCA website, they are cheap as chips for a such an awesome tropical trip!