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Dawn of the Dead Bloggers • Thistle Hotel

October 31, 2015

Thistle Halloween Tink Jayne Joe Bloggers 4

Thistle Halloween Tink Jayne Joe Bloggers 1

Thistle Halloween Tink Jayne Joe Bloggers 23

Start with a dark green room in an Edwardian hotel, fill it with spooky-looking cupcakes and nightmarish finger food (literally, the food included fingers). Add a group of over excited bloggers, plenty of make up kits and bits, then throw in some blood red creepy cocktails, and what have you got? A crackin’ afternoon of frightening fun with a chorus of cackles constantly erupting around the room. And this is how I got to spend my Halloween.

The gorgeous Thistle Hotel in Holborn, named The Kingsley, very kindly hosted a special Halloween make-up session for myself and several other bloggers. We had the lovely Naz from Midas Touch Crafts as our horror make-up Guru, to guide us through what ended up being an amazing make up session that was a complete mix of unusual pampering and utter hysterics! But before I get into the nitty gritty of our horrifying faces, let’s take a minute to talk about these BEAUTIFUL cocktails that Thistle treated us to…

Thistle Halloween Tink Jayne Joe Bloggers 7

Thistle Halloween Tink Jayne Joe Bloggers 8

Bloody Gorgeous. Literally.

They may kid you into thinking they are just a vodka cranberry, but don’t be fooled by the colour, these bad boys are actually margaritas! Blood red margaritas. Making them deadly AND delicious. These were our welcome drinks. And on top of that we were also greeted with some super spooky snacks too…

thistle finger food

thistle food 3

Thistle Halloween Tink Jayne Joe Bloggers 3

Thistle Halloween Tink Jayne Joe Bloggers 19

As we were attending a make-up session, we were tweeted by the event organisers, Joe Blogs Network, that morning telling us NOT to wear any make-up. Queue lots of replies about the horror of us having to all meet up and see each other with naked faces! But we all managed, and everyone looked dam beautiful as their au natural selves (then there was me).

Once we had all arrived, had a little mingle and each scooped up a glass of the blood good stuff, we were given our own tour of the hotel and all it has to offer. Built in the late 1800’s, this Thistle hotel boasts a beautiful selection of 129 rooms. This is actually quite surprising as it looks fairly small from the outside – an optical illusion perhaps?

We were shown around the beautiful and bright restaurant, as well the uber smart bar, before eventually being shown one of the rooms. These rooms not only host a stupidly large and super comfy bed, and a lovely soft sofa (that is also a sofa bed!) but also an exceptionally large bath (which is always a bonus in my book). It would be a wonderful place to stay if you were in London on Business, or even popping into the city to do some touring and exploring.

Once the tour was finished, it was time to return to our green room and get cacklin’ and crackin’ with our frightening faces. The idea was to pair up and for us to paint each others faces. Yup, not only would I possibly walk out looking like a freak, but I had to inflict my poor art skills onto someone else! The first hour was to be spent on the first look that was given to us, then we swap. I paired up with the lovely Alina from who I met at last years Cosmo Blog Awards. We decided she would paint my face first. So as Alina patted away, blending in cream onto my face and playing around with brushes and techniques, I sat back and sipped on my blood red cocktail.

Thistle Halloween Tink Jayne Joe Bloggers 15

Thistle Halloween Tink Jayne Joe Bloggers 16

Thistle Halloween Tink Jayne Joe Bloggers 17

Thistle Halloween Tink Jayne Joe Bloggers 18

It’s going to sound odd, but I like having my make-up, or any sort of beauty treatment, done by someone else, it’s like getting a facial and I find it really relaxing. So message to Alina: You can come round and do my make up anytime you want my dear!

Here is my before and after:

Thistle Halloween Tink Jayne Joe Bloggers 144

Thistle Halloween Tink Jayne Joe Bloggers 20

Thistle Halloween Tink Jayne Joe Bloggers 21

What do you think? Certainly creepy isn’t it? Alina did a damn good job, I loved the deadly dark eyes. Although I’m not sure which is scarier – me as the creepy sad zombie clown? Or me bare faced with no make-up? (maybe don’t answer that).

And how about my outfit? I wanted to wear something glam because I was attending the lovely Thistle hotel, but also something with a little hint of Halloween. So what do you think of this caped dress* from Luxemme? I’m in love with it. With my spooky face paint, and it’s pale white transparent cape, it most certainly it felt a little Ghoulish. Perfect for this event. However I imagine I’ll be having a VERY white Christmas this year as I plan to make this my Christmas party dress. It’s surprisingly comfortable and looks like it retails at a lot more than its price tag of £39 (but it’s a limited edition, so I’d snap it up now if you want it as only so many dresses were made).

Next up it was my turn to do Alina.

I’ll admit, I was actually quite nervous about this and not really looking forward to it. I’m not the best when it comes to beauty and make-up, and I felt a huge pressure to do a good job on Alina’s face after she had done such a good job on mine. BUT, guess what? I actually enjoyed it. Like really really enjoyed it. I used to do lots of drawing and art when I was a kid, and I don’t know why I stopped. Colouring in Aina’s face, concentrating on finer areas and making it all look nice (and creepy); I genuinely found the whole thing quite relaxing and therapeutic. AND I was pretty dam pleased with how her horror face turned out:

Thistle Halloween Tink Jayne Joe Bloggers 24

Thistle Halloween Tink Jayne Joe Bloggers 28

Thistle Halloween Tink Jayne Joe Bloggers 26

Thistle Halloween Tink Jayne Joe Bloggers 25

After some spooky selfies and obligatory scary poses were done we sat back and chilled out with a chilling glass of wine, as the lovely organisers, team at Thistles and the incredible Naz, thanked us all or coming. We then left one by one, me lurking around by the cupcakes a little longer than I should have, before hitting the streets of London with my quite terrifying face. Yes, I rode the tube like this. No, no one seemed to care. That’s London for you.

To read Thistles blog post, just click here


This event was organised by Joe Blogs Network.