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How to be a Travel Blogger when you’re poor AS F***

October 27, 2015

Travel blogging is like any other form of blogging, in that it is about writing what you’re passionate about. You don’t need to be jet setting off to a brand new destination every week in order to have the right to blog about travel. And you should never feel restricted as to what you can write about because of a financial situation. Essentially, typing away at your keyboard and sharing your thoughts online, is free*

*excluding obviously the cost of the keyboard/laptop … or computer … oh and yourΒ broadband … or the internet cafe you use …Β anyway, you catch my drift

As a Travel & Lifestyle blogger, I feel it is my duty to deliver exciting and creative blog posts focused on all things leisure and pleasure related, including food, drinks, my London adventures and of course all my travel escapades. But when I made the decision back in September to quit my full time job in order to follow my dream of becoming a writer/blogger, I knew I would be swapping my nice comfortable salary for a permanentlyΒ ‘low on funds’ bank account, at least for the foreseeable future. I knew I would have to make some BIG sacrifices, and unfortunately my trips were at the top of the list (including cancelling postponing September’s dream trip to Iceland *sad face*). Yes it was an odd decision to make, especially considering I am supposed to be part travel blogger, so surely I need content, right? But all real bloggers know that all you need to have in order to write a blog is passion. And when it comes to travel, passion is most certainly something I have. Do Fashion Bloggers buy new clothes everyday? Hell no. They share wish lists, write about current trends, and even create new looks with old clothes from previous seasons. Travel bloggers can do the same!

If you’re in the same boat then please don’t be worrying about your blog lacking content just because you can’t afford to take a trip anywhere. Instead, read the tips below on how to be a travel blogger when you’re basically poor AF (like me!)


Blog about previous holidays, trips & adventures
I love looking back on holiday photos and reminiscing about all the wonderful trips I’ve been on. One of my favourite things to do on this blog is share all my adventures through either written posts, heavy image content or even vlogs like this one. So why not do some reminiscing of your own and share your previousΒ travel stories on your blog. Maybe even write about a childhood holiday and compare it to travel today.

Write about your dream destination/s
Your readers might be interested in reading all about your dream destination and exactly what you would get upto there. My dream destination is forever changing, one week it’s Mexico, then it’s Iceland, I can never stick to just one. But then again, that is also a great excuse to blog about multiple destinations!

Blog about Day trips
Travel doesn’t always have to involve packing a bag and getting on a plane. It could be about jumping in your car and driving to another town or city and exploring new territory. There are hidden treasures everywhere. A friend of mine admitted to stumbling across THISΒ little OasisΒ on her lunch break, yes, her lunch break! Thats a beauty worth blogging about and it cost nada!


Write about things to do in your hometown or city
To you it may just be your ordinary hometown that you’ve known all your life, but for others it could be a whole new adventure, an exotic far away land. Through the power and beauty of the internet, your quaint old village pub that you share a photo and a little paragraph about, could end up on the bucket list of a strangerΒ on the other side of the world! This is what I love about travel blogging, just how powerful and inspiring it can be.

Go on a walk and blog about it
Whether you’re a country bumpkin or a city gal, put on your walking shoes, grab your camera and get outside and see what you find. It could be a beautiful meadow or even trendy coffee shop, but you won’t know till you get outside, start exploring and begin an adventure; one worth sharing.

Explore and blog about other areas within the Travel sector
When you travel you are actually doing so much more than just travel, your trying new types of food, immersing yourself in a whole other culture, and in some cases even learning a language. So why not write about these aspects of travel – is there a language you want to learn? Tell your readers about it, or why not start up a diary following your progress? What’s your favourite international cuisine? Why not share it online, you could blog about a recipe for an unusual foreign dish, or even just share your favorite local restaurants or takeaways that offer authentic cuisines.

Dish out ya best Travel tips & advice
Got a secret packing tip? A budget travel website you could share? Maybe you’ve got a trick on how to avoid airport queues (pleeeeease share) or perhaps youΒ have some serious solo travel tips you want to put out there? Personally I love reading (and writing) travel advice posts and I know I’m not alone on that, so get sharing those tips.

And just to help you out a little further, here are some examples of Travel related blog posts you could write that won’t cost a thing:

My guide to [Insert town, city, country you have visited]
A beginners guide to backpacking
My embarrassing/funny travel moments
My favourite places to walk
My favourite places for a run
My favorite travel photos EVER
Whats in my backpack?
10 tips to a lighter suitcase
How to travel with hand luggage only
My travel regrets
Three Destinations: The place you live, a place you’ve been, a place you want to go
If I were stuck on a dessert island…
My favourite travel Bloggers/Vloggers/Instagrammers

fck anything that doesnt make you happy

Content is the most important part of your blog, so whether you’re a travel blogger who can’t travel at the moment, or a travel blogger just starting out, as long as you have passion and dedication, it will show in your blog. Whether you’re writing a post from a yacht in Sunny Spain, or just from the comfort of your home with a cup of tea whilst impatiently waiting for payday, Β please remember – just like the world, your blog is your Oyster.