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The UK’s most Haunting Holidays & Excursions

October 17, 2015

Halloween is fast approaching and the pressure is on to find something fun to do. Something fun? Or something Freaky? I’m a dress up for fun and have a good time kinda girl; crazy costumes, gruesome face-paint and a spooky cocktail (or six). But I know lots of people who genuinely like to spend October 31st having the bejesus scared out of them; watching Horror movies or going to spooky attractions that involve actors who chase them. But would you take it one step further and spend the night with real ghosts, screaming spirits and headless haunters?

I decided to look into Haunting Holidays & Excursions and have put together this list of places you could spend a ghoulish weekend, or perhaps go for a daring daytrip or a spooky walk and no doubt have a WAIL of a time. From Haunted hotels and creepy castles to spooky cemeteries and petrifying pubs, I beg of you, DON’T GO INTO THE BASEMENT ALONE and enjoy (at your own risk).


Pendle Hill, East Lancashire
Think you could handle a weekend away at the infamous Pendle Hill? The eerie moors of Pendle Hill is where 10 people were executed after being found guilty of witchcraft in 1612. The crimes they supposedly committed included causing madness, making clay images (erm, okay) and  using witchcraft to apparently murder sixteen people over a period of nearly twenty years. Of course the evidence was nothing but superstition and hearsay.

The spirits of these so called witches still haunt Pendle Hill and it was featured on an episode of “Most Haunted”, described by the programmes host as their scariest episode ever!

What was once feared as a place to visit, is now a popular place for weekend long ghost hunts that involve staying in a haunted hostel, visiting a castle and heading onto the moors after dark to try and encounter a lurking witch.

Tudor House Hotel, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire
Surrounded by scenic Gloucestershire countryside, this beautiful 16th century building has so much history, but apparently some of it is still very present. Those brave enough to stay overnight in one of the beautiful 25 ensuite rooms, may get treated to being tucked in by the maid that haunts the rooms, possibly see the ghost of a dog that still calls the Tudor House his home, or maybe get a visit from the spirit of a young boy who apparently walks the corridors of the hotel. Book now as there are only a few rooms left for the 31st.

haunted holiday skull tink jayne

Glamis Castle, Angus, Scotland
I love Castles, I’m yet to see one that doesn’t take my breath away. But as beautiful as they are they can also be terrifying. With every castle usually comes a haunting tale or two, or in the case of the Scottish Glamis Castle, three! This stunning castle is apparently haunted by something called the Monster of Glamis, which has been described as a ‘hideous deformed child’ that basically spent his life being hidden away in secret rooms of the castle that were apparently bricked up after his death so noone could ever find them. Creepy!

Another tale of the castle involves an Earl who was addicted to playing cards. Apparently, when playing the game one Sunday and asked to stop by a guest, the Earl went into a rage and swore he wouldn’t stop playing until doomsday itself. At that moment a stranger arrived at the castle and played cards with the Earl. The stranger eventually revealed himself as the Devil and condemned the Earl to play cards until doomsday, never being allowed to stop. And so apparently the Earl, known as Earl Beardie, is still in the castle, right now, playing the cards over and over and over and over…

The third and final tale is about a young woman who has been spotted sitting at the windows of the castle. Apparently those who spot her, always spot her from the outside, and when they attempt to approach the window to talk to her, she disappears.

All three of those stories completely creeped me out, but if you’re brave enough to take a trip there be my guest.

The Red Lion Hotel, Colchester, Essex
Don’t let the friendly name kid you! It may essentially be a Red Lion pub, but this 15th century building has had a lot of paranormal activity. A hooded monk has been spotted hanging around the reception area on several occasions, always early hours of the morning. It’s thought he is the monk that died in a fire at the hotel hundreds of years ago. But it’s a female ghost that has everyone shook up! A woman named Alice Catherine Millar was sadly murdered in the hotel in 1638 and apparently still haunts the rooms now. Back then, the owner of the hotel was so scared of the Ghost of Alice that he had her room bricked up in hope that she would stop haunting the place, but it was no use. Alice continued to haunt. If you want a real fright night, then try to book either rooms 5, 6 or 10, these are the rooms she has been spotted by guests and staff.

highgate cemetery tink jayne

Highgate Cemetery, London
During the day this cemetery is something of a Beauty with incredible architecture. But at night, the beautiful statues and structures becoming haunting and eerie, made even worse by the rumours that a tall, dark figure with blood red eyes, lurks in the shadows, terrorizing those who dare to walk through the grounds. Originally sighted in the late 1960’s, the dark figure has been described as everything from a petrifying Ghost to a hungry-for-blood Vampire! But in the 1970’s two men, Seán Manchester and David Farrant, both went head to head in an attempt to catch what they thought was a Vampire and kill it. But things got out of hand between the two and the competition got so fierce, that in 1974 Farrant was jailed for “for damaging memorials and interfering with dead remains”. Gross! At one point he put a corpse into the passenger seat of Manchesters car!

Neither ever found the tall, dark figure and it is thought to still be creeping about in the shadows of Highgate cemetery. Tour guides can take you on a walk of the west side of the cemetery, but the east side of the cemetery is free for you to walk unaccompanied … if you dare?

The Tower of London
A place where sooooo many have been imprisoned, tortured and beheaded, it’s no wonder this historical landmark is full of spooky spirits and lost souls. It is apparently home to the ghosts of Edward V of England and Richard of Shrewsbury, also known as The Princes in the Tower. The two went missing and were allegedly murdered by their uncle, Richard III. Apparently their spirit presence is strong at the Tower of london. There have even been sightings of the two young boys in the tower, wearing nightgowns and clutching each other in terror *shudders*

The Ghost of Anne Boleyn, the wife of Henry VIII who was beheaded in 1536, is another lost soul who lurks the Towers, headless!!  Think you can handle a spooky trip to the Tower of London?

haunted house

The Ancient Ram Inn, Wotten-under-Edge, Gloucestershire
This B&B has been referred to as the most haunted house in Britain, with 20 ghosts currently residing there. This place genuinely sounds terrifying. According to the owners and numerous guests, you can hear murdered children crying in one of the rooms, as well as a man who screams ‘Get Out’. And the house has even been known to vibrate! Even freakier, small bones thought to have belonged to children have been found during renovations, confirming that children were in fact murdered here. The owner says it also haunted by a witch as well as a, ahem, “Sex Demon” who is apparently called Incubus.

Yup, this place sounds downright terrifying. I’m not sure I could handle popping in for a cuppa, let alone a whole night, but could you?

Whitby Abbey, North Yorkshire
In 1885, a Russian Ship (appropriately named ‘The Dementor’) was found at Whitby Harbour after being hit by a storm. All the crew were found on board but they were all dead, and no one could figure out why. But a large black dog – thought to be a Vampire in disguise – was seen jumping off the boat and running up the 199 steps that lead to the Whitby Abbey, but never came down and was never found. Locals believed it was Englands very own Dracula, and the Abbey is where he set up home. Does he still live there? Some think so, and brave visitors are treated to a walking tour of the Abbey and the area and are told more about the mysterious vampire.

I think I could probably just about manage a walk through the cemetery or maybe even venture into the creepy castle (as part of a group!) but I salute anyone who is brave enough to spend the whole night in a haunted hotel. I will absolutely admit that even just the idea of that scares the bejesus out of me. I cant even sit through one episode of Ghost Adventures without freaking out.

Would you be brave enough to go on any of these terrifying trips?
Have I missed out any spooky & spine-chilling places that you know of?
I’d love to know in the comments below….

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