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A taste of Japan #SeafoodWeek

October 16, 2015

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YO! Sushi

15 Woodstock Street, London, W1c 2AQ

Anyone who knows me understands I have a deep and meaningful relationship with Sushi. When I lived in Melbourne, Australia, I worked next to a Sushi place and had Crab & Avocado California rolls EVERY DAY for my lunch. And I’ve been known to eat up to 30 Salmon maki rolls in one sitting – yup, greedy greedy greedy!

So when YO! Sushi emailedΒ me and asked if I would like to go along to one of their restaurants to enjoy some fishy food* as part of #SeafoodWeek, I of course screamed a BIG FAT YES.

yo sushi london tink jayne 2

I feel as though I have a little bond with YO! as it was the place I went to to first try Sushi. Plus I love the style and concept; the food on the conveyor belt, the colour coded dishes and the authentic drinks on offer. For those that don’t know how it works, you take a seat either in a booth or at the ‘bar’, but either way the conveyer belt will pass you, and you take whichever dish you want (or you can order Sumo/larger dishes from the waitress/waiter). Each dish has a colour, and that colour determines it’s price i.e all orange dishesΒ are Β£4.10. At the end of the meal, you simply add up your dishes to see how much you’ve spent. Of course, all this goes out the window on Mondays, nicknamed by YO! Sushi as Blue Monday’s, because more than 40 of the dishes become blue, lowering their price to just Β£2.70! Awesome. PLUS all the food is cooked by the YO! chefs in the middle of the restaurant – very Japanese indeed.

As it was #SeafoodWeek I of course wanted to munch on some tasty seafood sushi, so let me show you what I ordered…

yo sushi london tink jayne 11

Tuna Maki β€’ 115 kcalΒ β€’ Salmon MakiΒ β€’ 122 kcalΒ Maki is basically a little roll made up of rice and either raw veg or fish, wrapped up in seaweed. Dipped in Soya sauce these little things are delicious.

yo sushi london tink jayne 6

Salmon Sashimi β€’ 121kcalΒ Sashimi basically means ‘bite sized pieces’ and is usually referring to bite sized pieces of a fish or meat. This dish is a regular of mine – I love Salmon.

yo sushi london tink jayne 10

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Seared Tuna &Β CaviarΒ Sashimi β€’ 112 kcalΒ This was my first time trying Caviar. I was a bit apprehensive, just last week a mate of mine was saying how gross it was. But I surprised myself by absolutely loving it, and it went perfectly with the seared tuna – this was my favourite dish of the day.

yo sushi london tink jayne 12

As I wasn’t drinking alcohol, I decided to try this Korean drink to wash down my seafood. It is basically made from Aloe Vera and is only 45kcal. An Aloe Vera drink – with Aloe Vera gel bits in – sounds disgusting but it’s actually really nice and very refreshing.Β Of course if you want to drink alcohol, there is fizz available as well Japanese beer and Sake (love Sake).

I not only enjoyed some seafood, but some meat too. There are plenty of meat dishes available, such as Seared Beef Nigiri or Chicken Katsu, but I went for the Beef Tataki, which at 159kcal is a dish consisting of four slices of black pepper seared beef, sat on a coriander dressing. Nom!

yo sushi london tink jayne 7

For vegetarians there is plenty to chose from, I counted over 20 vegetarian dishes on offer. And of course I had to order my usual veggie plates…

yo sushi london tink jayne 3

Avocado Maki β€’ 131 KcalΒ Because, well, Avocado!

yo sushi london tink jayne 4

Edamame β€’ 121 kcalΒ These little soy beans sit in a green pod and are garnished with sea salt. The idea is to suck the beans out of the skin and I am literally obsessed with eating these. I order this dish as a starter with ALL my Sushi meals

And finally for some desert. I LOVE ordering a pudding when I eat out, but at YO! Sushi it’s something I’ve never tried before. But I decided I HAD to try some on this occasion because, erm, well all the in the name of research, right?

yo sushi london tink jayne 13

YO! offer fruit dishes and pancakes, but I went for the Chocolate Mochi. And I fell in love. They are soft & chewy Japanese rice cake balls, topped with a strawberry. They are all squashy on the outside and gooey in the middle. Seriously delicious and great for people like me who HAVE to finish a meal with something sweet. And only 204 kcal – not bad for something that is so rich.

To get a closer look at all my dishes, see the conveyor belt in action AND for all the prices, check out my YO! sushi vlog below (and check out my INCREDIBLE chop stick skills at 2’12 into the vlog):

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