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A taste of Germany • Bierschenke • London

October 8, 2015

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4 London Wall Buildings, Blomfield Street, London EC2M 5NT

Last week some friends and I headed to Bierschenke, London’s answer to a Munich Beer Hall, to celebrate a mates birthday, German style. 13 of us shared one long wooden table in the basement bar that seats upto 300 and offers an authentic taste of Germany. The interior is all wood panels and guests are seated on wooden benches, adding warmth to the authentic Beer hall experience. The waitresses are dressed in Dirndls and the waiters in Lederhosens, plus there is even a Bavarian Oompah Band to entertain you.

Pretty much as soon as we had arrived we got stuck into our German experience by ordering German Beers. Whilst most of the boys went for a special Oktoberfest Beer in a Stein (basically like a huge giant glass tankard, for around £12!!) I went for a pint of the Bierschenke Lager (£4.80). I’m not usually a larger drinker, but seriously, this went down way too well. I really really liked it. Which is not good! The last thing I need is another fatty drink for me to become obsessed with. I’m still having issues trying to quit Cider #CiderBelly

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Once we all had our beers and lagers in our over-sized glasses, it was time to order ourselves some German cuisine. Now, I went to Germany when I was 14, but I honestly can’t remember trying any traditional German food, but probably because I spent most of the time eating junk. So, this was my opportunity to get stuck into German Dining. The Beard and I decided to do a starter AND a main, so that we could get a real taste of Germany. For the main I ordered Originale “Bierschenke” Wurstplatte, mit Nürnbergern, Frankfurter und Bratwurst, serviert mit Kartoffelpüree und Sauerkraut which translates to Original “Bierschenke” sausage platter, including Nürnberger sausages, Frankfurter and Bratwurst served with mash and sauerkraut and it was £12.90. And for a Starter, the Beard and I decided to share the Bierschenke Dreierlei (Obatzda, Griebenschmalz, Erdäpfelkas) mit Brot und Brezn which in English is The Bierschenke Triplet (Bavarian cream cheese, pork lard with cracklings, potato cheese) with bread and pretzel, £9.50.

Due to the fact that there were 13 of us, with only one of us being German, things got difficult when the staff brought out our food and began shouting out the orders … in German (because when I say this place is authentic, I mean it, nearly ALL the staff are German or at least German speaking). We had no idea what we had ordered in English, so I wasn’t sure how we were supposed to work it out in German. Our poor German friend Laura had her work cut out for her. The Beard and I also accidentally took our friends starter as we accepted a dish that looked like what we expected, but as we began to tuck into it, the waitress snatched it from our hands and gave us the correct starter, which looked like this.

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The starter we chose, in our minds, was to be delicious – Bavarian cream cheese, pork lard with cracklings and potato cheese – yup that sounded fatty, filthy and exactly what you want to eat with a giant pint of lager. In reality, it is three balls of mushed up food, that it super-duper rich in taste and unfortunately we had to leave most of it as it was so sickly. It really wasn’t our style (bar the pretzel, that I enjoyed).

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However, the main course was everything I dreamed of and more, and turned out to be a popular selection amongst our table, with most of us choosing either the Sausage platter, or its Brother, the Spicy Sausage platter. Both include a selection of juicy tasty sausages sat on a bed of scrumptious mash potato and sauerkraut. Delicious. And VERY filling!

But this also looked MEGA tasty. Chicken Schnitzel. NOM.

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Then someone else cheekily ordered a dessert that had my mouth watering. Kaiserschmarrn mit Apfelmus which is basically cut-up sugared pancake with apple sauce.

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There was many a food babies around the table, or should I say bench. But once they had begun to digest, we basically ordered more beers (a lot more beers), got quite drunk and danced on the tables whilst the band played the likes of Britney Spears – Toxic, German style!

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I may have been 50/50 on the food, but I loved the drinks, the live music and the amazing atmosphere. From the authentic German theme that is completely unavoidable, to the jolly band, and the dancing on the tables, this is a Must for anyone in London, or even if your passing through and fancy something different.

I’m genuinely tempted to have my 30th Birthday here, as it’s such a fun way to spend an evening with all your friends!

Have you been to Bierschenke?
What are your thoughts on German cuisine? Yay or Nay?
I’d love to know in the comments below…

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