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Late night New York Pancakes and La di da Cookies

October 7, 2015

polo bar liverpool street tink jayne 2

There is nothing like a lovely catch up with your best mate over a cocktail or two. You plonk yourself into the corner of a bar, setting up camp for the evening and proceed to get a little tipsy as you both swap life updates, until it’s time to wobble your way out and jump on a late tube home.

Unfortunately this can’t be done when a) your super ill *cough cough* and b) your supposed to be running a half marathon in a matter of days, so are supposed to be sober (and somewhat healthy). So it was no alcohol for me. Gutted. Mostly because I had THIS FABULOUS PIECE OF NEWS to celebrate. Yay. So nevermind, fortunately this sober decision lead us to the next best thing instead – a creamy hot chocolate and fatty food *mini fist pump*

After attending a Blogger food event in Aldgate East that got our tastebuds tingling, Tam and I decided to grab some food on Liverpool street. It was dark and dreary and absolutely pouring down with rain, yet this made our arrival at Polo Bar all the more cosier. I’ve never been to this place before, but it’s very much like an American diner with booths lined up at the back. All of a sudden I felt as if I was in New York City, hiding away from the rain in a cute little coffee shop.

polo bar liverpool street tink jayne 1

polo bar liverpool street tink jayne 3

polo bar liverpool street tink jayne 7

polo bar liverpool street tink jayne 5

Tam and I dried off and ordered two hot chocolate’s with all the trimmings, and toasted to my wonderful news. It’s been so long since I’ve had a hot chocolate like this one, it was perfect. I mean, look at it, it was exactly what we both needed after running around in the rain! We also needed feeding, and in keeping with the New York style, I ordered the Royle Pancakes which came with mixed berries, a sweet fruity sauce and vanilla cream, whilst Tam ordered a bacon sandwich with maple syrup (I’m still to try the whole bacon & maple thing – it just doesn’t sound appealing to me).

We hadn’t planned on eating in Polo Bar, we just sort of stumbled upon it in a bid to get out of the rain and fill our tummies. But it’s a great little place, perfect if you want a quick bite to eat. It does sell alcohol, but I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed my hot chocolate and will be heading there again to enjoy a little taste of New York.

As if I hadn’t had enough calories at Polo Bar, I then went home to munch on a La di da Sweet Treat that I had picked up at the food event earlier. I just HAD to share this yummy brand with you; never have I seen such a beautiful cookie, and I am not exaggerating when I say the tastiest!

ladida sweet treats 1

ladida sweet treats 5

ladida sweet treats 6

ladida sweet treats 7

ladida sweet treats 3

La di da are fairly new in the cookie and cupcake world, but I have no doubt they will be as big as Lola’s soon. I got to taste some of their cupcakes and they were incredible. But even better was the blue cookie I was gifted with and had saved for some midnight snacking. It’s basically a cookie and cream style biscuit (so an oreo) beautifully covered in colorful sugar and icing. It’s so pretty you almost feel guilty biting into it, but not that guilty because it taste sooooo scrumptious. These lovely cakes and cookies are available in Selfridges so on your next trip to the high street, why not go and treat yourself to a little La di da.

(Yes I felt uber greedy and fatty after all that cream and sugar.)

(No. I don’t regret any of it. So delicious.)

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