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Vote Tink Jayne for Best Travel Blog • #CosmoBlogAwards

October 6, 2015


I have some VERY exciting news to share.

I’m pretty sure the big fat title has given it away. But I’m going to do a drum roll anyway…

*taps fingers on desk*

My blog made it onto the Cosmo Blog Awards shortlist for Best Travel Blog

That’s pretty much how I reacted.

Followed by a little of this…

And then some of this…

Then I started shaking and my eyes watered.

First of all, I have to say a THOUSAND THANK YOU’S to everyone who nominated my blog. You’re the best. No, seriously, YOU ROCK, and you really have no idea how much this means to me. There are no words.

But obvs I will try and find a few…

I am absolutely over the moon to be shortlisted and in such an amazing category too. And I am literally in the best Company; I am so honored to have my blog listed next to all the other amazing blogs that have been nominated. And I truly mean it when I say I sincerely wish everyone in my category the best of luck.

Travel is my absolute favourite thing to blog about (and vlog about), from bussing it down the coast of Vietnam and Swimming on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, to Dog walking in the Lake District and even just exploring the City of London, I love to share my travel adventures. I’m basically obsessed with learning about different cultures, exploring lands near and far, trying different cuisines, I love all of it. I also love being outdoors, surrounded by nature and going on long walks to take beautiful photos, whether that be in the furtherst away I’ve ever been in Australia or right here in the UK in the place I grew up.

But most of all I love blogging about it all and sharing it with you. All I want to do is inspire others to travel, because there is a whole world of Amazing things out there for you to see, and you really should be seeing it.


travel quotes tink Jayne 1

(And now to once again plea to you wonderful readers…)

So if you enjoy reading about my adventures and want to make this blogger one super-duper happy girl, I would be forever grateful if you could vote for me in the Cosmo Blog Awards. Just click the button below to be taken to the voting page.



Then click Next until you get to Category 9 Travel where you will find my blog Tink Jayne and select it.


Click next again until you get to the end page where you simply add your name and email. Simples!


x x x x x x

(Psssst, why not check out how last years Cosmo Blog Awards went down and check out this vlog that I filmed last year when I was up for Best Lifestyle Blog)

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