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7 Autumn things you can officially embrace

October 1, 2015

It’s always sad to wave Goodbye to summer. No more lovely light evenings or spontaneous BBQ’s. We have to pack away our flip flops and summer dresses and pop the suntan lotion back into the bathroom cupboard until next year. Sigh.

But we get over it, like we always do, in fact I am already over it. Who cares about flip flops, it’s Boot season. Autumn is officially here, with winter soon to follow, and I am ready to get this cool & crisp season started. Are you?

Fair enough there will probably be too much rain, possible floods and it does get super chilly here in the UK, but with the bad comes the good. Here are seven awesome autumn things you can officially start embracing:

hot chocolate autumn tink jayne

Tasty Hot Drinks
Summer is all about Caramel Coolers and Iced Frappuccino’s, but I have to admit I love the hot drinks of the Autumn. Whether it’s making myself a Hot Chocolate topped with mini marshmallows, or ordering a Costa Coffee Caramel Latte with extra whipped cream, I just love escaping from the cold howling wind by sitting indoors and sipping the sweet taste of a steaming hot drink (and I’m determined to actually try a famous Pumpkin Spiced Latte this year)

The Beautiful Colours
My street is already lined with half naked trees and the ground beneath them is covered in golden leaves. And whilst running through the Park near my house I’ve already spotted hundreds of fallen conkers. I love seeing our environment change at this time of year, green becomes red and then turns crisp and brown, making our usual surroundings look so beautiful and picturesque.

Autumn Thermals
We may have to say Goodbye to our summer wardrobe, but the arrival of autumn does mean you get to bust out your favourite hat, scarf and gloves. Or it’s an excuse to buy a whole new set. Not to mention you’ll need an autumn jacket of some sort. And don’t forget boots! Boots are my favourite types of shoe so I tend to wear ankle boots all year round, even in a scorching summer. But this new chilly season does mean I get to whip out my over the knee suede boots – yippee!

halloween autumn tink jayne

I’ve loved Halloween ever since I was a child. Probably because I love fancy dress. But once you graduate Uni, the opportunity to dress up becomes less and less, which is why I love this spooky holiday. It’s the one time of year you can dress up in whatever the hell you want and no-one cares. I love all the fun of Halloween, the spooky activities you can do, the Halloween parties, or scary movie nights, the trick or treating. It’s so much fun. I’ve no idea what I’ll be doing this year, but I doubt anything can top last years when I spent Halloween in Vegas dressed as a Wicked Ring Leader.

Cosy Jumpers
Snuggly Jumpers – surely everyone’s best friend during the autumn and winter period. On these chilly autumn evenings, there is nothing nicer than being wrapped up at home in a cosy jumper, with a hot drink and a good book (and the tackier the jumper, the better!)

bonfire-autumn tink jayne

Bonfires & Fireworks
Not so much fun for the pets bless them, but for us, lots of fun! I love a good bonfire and seeing a beautiful firework display light up the night sky. I’ve missed them over the past couple of years – I was in Vegas last year and Australia the year before – but this year I definitely want to go to one. I remember as a child getting a toffee apple to eat as we watched the huge fire burn away and then heading home to watch the fireworks from our garden whilst drinking a hot chocolate.

Scented Candles
Another reason I love Autumn is because it means I can bust out the Christmas candles without being told “it’s too early”. You can buy THIS candle that literally smells like Christmas. I also like to light candles that smell of Pumpkin or Cinnamon. I recommend the Yankee candles. They make your whole house smell incredible, and the scent lasts a really long time, so that when you walk into your lovely warm home after a day at the office, you are greeted with the most amazing autumn scent, making your home even cosier.

What do you love about Autumn? Or are you still grieving over Summer?
I’d love to know in the comments below.

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