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10 Grown up things that make me Happy

September 28, 2015

Ten years ago I would have looked at the below list and turned my nose up at it. What a boring list, I would have laughed. Because ten years ago I was a typical 19 year old; a fresher at University, going out five nights a week and eating noodles for breakfast that I had ‘cooked’ in the dorm microwave. Back then a list of things that made me happy would have included cancelled Lectures, Pink Lambrini (classy, I know) and a trip to the McDonalds drive-thru.

Ten years on and I still love a big night out, doing shots at the bar and eating dirty greasy hangover food the next day, however, I am a grown up now. For as long as I could I would try and pretend that I wasn’t, because surely you’re only a grown up when you buy a house, or have a baby, or even just buy a car, right?

Nope. You dont have to have any of those things to be in grown up territory. Becoming a grown up will just happen, you will begin to have grown up thoughts and grown up moments, moments when you realise you don’t want to go out even though it’s Friday night because you still remember how awful you felt last Saturday morning. Moments when you realise you don’t have a clue who Demi Lavato is (and then the moment where you realise you don’t care). Then there are the DO moments, like the moment when you feel like you DO want go for that early morning run, or you DO want to try out Yoga, or you DO want to go shopping for a new potato peeler.


I have had MANY of these moments because I am a grown up, and rather surprisingly I am fully embracing this grown-up-ness (just made up a word). It’s not as scary and boring as I thought. In fact, it’s quite pleasant. Fun. Nice. Here are ten grown up things that actually make me very very happy!

The smell of Fresh Coffee
Probably my favourite smell in the entire world (bar Chanel, obvs).

Staying inย 
Who cares if it’s Friday? The new season of OITNB just became available. It’s times to get our Netflix on (not to be mistaken with Netflix and Chill, there is no hanky panky with people off tinder on my Friday nights in)

Waking up at 9am on a Saturday
I still love a lazy lie in, especially after a night on the sauce, but there is something wonderful about getting up early on the weekend and making the most of the whole day

Fresh clean bedding
THEN: a pain in the arse to wash, dry and put back on the bed. NOW: the most amazing thing to cuddle into after a long day

Long Walks
These days I can really appreciate a long walk surrounded by beautiful scenery; the kinda thing the child-me used to find boring AF.

salad tink jayne

A must-have with every meal that I always look forward to putting in my gob. Brocolli, asparagus, green beans, carrots, I love em’ all.

Going for a Run
I quit the cross country team when I was 11 years old and basically never ran again. Until this Summer when I tried it out, and what do ya know? Running at 8am is the new dancing till 4am.

Travel documentaries
Of course I still love #RKOBH, watching Friends re-runs and bitching about Celebrity Big Brother, but I also love getting lost in the world of Monkeys from the Himalayas, Giant Sharks near Japan, or watching how a family of fifteen live their lives in rural China.

Quiet Time
Those evenings when you can just sit in peace and quiet and completelyย relax. Silence can be bliss.

New Kitchenย Appliances
We just got a griddle and it actually made me giddy.

How about you? Still a free-spirited youth? Or are you planning coffee shop expeditions and ordering griddles online whilst you watch Frozen Planet, likeย me? I’d love toย know in the comments below.

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