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My Travel Partner in Crime

September 15, 2015

Whilst I’ve always loved to go abroad and travel, it wasn’t till I met the Beard four years ago, that I actually got round to doing it properly. I sometimes wonder if we hadn’t met, would I have travelled? Was this secret passion of mine always going to erupt in my mid-twenties or was I only destined to do it with him?

Six months after meeting, most couples might have made it exclusive, maybe even said the L word. But six months after meeting, the Beard and I were already livingย together and were making plans to flyย to the other side of the world for a crazy adventure. Something neither of us had ever done before, but for some reason doing it together felt right.


Arriving in Isla Plana, Southern Spain


Fishing just outside Brisbane, Australia


Soaking up Byron Bay, Australia

I’ve been abroad with both family and friends plenty of times, ย and it’s always wonderful, but the Beard is most certainly my favourite person in the world to travel with. We always joke that we are much better together when we travel than we are in real life and so we should run away and become traveling gypsies, forever on the move. We travel so easily together because we both know what we like, what we don’t like, and we both appreciate the quiet moments or sometimes quiet days, or even an entireย quiet trip! We can be completely honest with each other and tell each other ‘No. I do not want to do this’ but we are also not afraid to say ‘But you go and do it and I’ll do something else’.

Dressed up for some Halloween fun in Las Vegas

Visiting a tribe in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Visiting a tribe in Chiang Mai, Thailand


Having a quick dip in Ireland

Together we took a bit of a risk when we got on that one way plane to China two years ago. The closest thing we’d had to a holiday at that point had been a three day camping festival. And there we were flying around the world, running off to a country we knew very little about, 5000 miles away from our home and our families, with no-one but each other.ย But the risk totally paid off, and honestly, I don’t think I could have done it without him. Maybe I was never meant to be a solo backpacker, the one time I travelled aloneย I nearly had a breakdown, but with the Beard by my side I rarely panic, I take more risks and I enjoy it a hell of a lot more. He has been the best person to travel with just for the sheer love and support he gives me along the way. No, it’s not always a bed of roses and traveling as a couple brings it’s problems, but when I travel with the Beard I know we are going to have an amazing time.ย We’ve done so many incredibleย things together, from sleeping in huts on Koh Samui and swimming with Sharks in Australia, to frolicking in fancy dress on the Las Vegas strip and eating ALL THE FOODย in Amsterdam. I can’t imagine doing another sleeper bus, a busy airport run, a crappy hostel dorm, or getting lost in the middle of a foreign country with anyone else but him.

Scoffing on Noodles in Beijing, China

I wouldn’t normally write this kind of soppy post, but as it’s his 30th Birthday today (Happy Birthday Bearded Man) plus it’s #TravelTuesday, I couldn’t help but write a little something, a tribute, to let him know that I love him, my Amazing Travel Partner in Crime, my Awesome Adventurer (sorry to those that may have just thrown up in their mouth).

Do you have a Travel Partner in Crime? Someone you love to go on an adventure with? Or are you more of a Solo Warrior?

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