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Life is too short to be anything but HAPPY

September 8, 2015

I’ve spent the past few weeks trying to figure out how to write this post, how to explain what I’m doing, or what I would even call this big transition in my life. I wanted to come up with some clever way of sharing the news; I considered doing a dramatic ‘Big Announcement’ type vlog but that felt too over the top for me. I then planned to write some big ‘Follow your Dream’ type post in the hope that I would also inspire you, but then that felt wrong considering what I’m about to do might not even pan out the way I want it to. Which is why I’ve decided to just write this post in the most natural way, letting my emotions run through to my fingertips and type this post out however my heart tells me to.

So, last week I quit my job to follow my dream of becoming a full time writer and blogger. And before you start making assumptions, No, I am not an internet famous personality raking in the big bucks. So yes, I might be slightly crazy for taking this leap. But let me explain…

This was something I started thinking about over a year ago. Blogging over the past few years has basically lead me to fall in love with writing again. I wrote so much as a child and a teen, from the moment I learnt how to write I didn’t stop, but as I grew up my career took a different turn and I somehow stumbled into the TV industry; an industry that is hard to get into and hard to get out of. But having this blog as a creative outlet, revived my passion for writing, and I’ve known for a while now that’s what I want my future to be. Whether it be blogging, copy writing, journalism, fiction – I love it all.

But I told myself I couldn’t do it, it was a pipe dream. I knew I’d be leaving a  job I was very lucky to be in and I’d be losing a nice salary. Sometimes I even felt guilty when I would consider quitting my job, I felt like a bad person for taking it for granted, because, really, who quits a good job like that?

Well, actually, it turns out lot of us, and over the past few months I’ve been hearing constant stories about people just quitting their well-paid jobs to go and do something that fear has always stopped them from doing. And that was me, I was scared. Apart from one awful post-grad temp job, and some bar work when I travel, I’ve pretty much been employed by this one company since I graduated; a UK TV channel. I was extremely lucky to land myself a job in this company and I’ve spent almost five years working my way around the company as a Media Planner. The comfortable salary, the benefits, the great opportunities that came with this role, yes they all made me happy. But as the years went on, my interest in the job got less and less and deep down in my heart I knew that this job was not my passion; sitting behind a desk all day looking at ratings, schedules and grids – nope, this wasn’t for me. I wanted adventure, passion and ultimately to be my own boss. tumblr_ntp3k2LOxb1tdl2jho1_1280

Every lunch hour, every break or even spare second at work I would be writing a blog post, scheduling tweets, editing photos. My blog became not only my hobby but a second job. Because there is not only the blogging itself to think of, but the photography, the editing, the comments, the social media side of it, and of course the wonderful events and networking. But the more my blog took off, the harder it became to juggle both my job and my blog. And I began to resent my work because it was stopping me from blogging. I would have to turn down opportunities, interviews and event invites because I’d be at work. And whilst I used as much as my annual leave as I could to attend some, I couldn’t attend them all.

So about three months ago I began to seriously wonder if I actually should quit my job. What was stopping me? Well, I realised there was thing I needed to pay on a monthly basis called, erm, RENT! And not just rent, but LONDON RENT. And what’s that other stuff I’d have to give up? Oh yeah FOOD! Whilst I do make money off my blog via affiliate links & sponsored posts, it’s nothing in comparison to my lovely comfortable salary that I’ve gotten very used to appearing in my bank account every month, taxes done, student loan paid. No, I couldn’t possibly quit my job.

Then in early July, whilst I was sat on the tube going to work, taking part once again in the daily rat race, I was scrolling through my instagram, when I saw an array of inspirational quotes, all lined up one after another:


I took it as a sign from the Writer & Blogger Gods and began to ask myself questions – Do I wake up with a goal? No. Do I get excited about my Job? No. Am I doing what I thought I would be doing at almost 30? No. And then the most important question – What do I want to do?

And with that I made the decision to quit my job and follow my dream. I know it won’t be easy, in fact it will be incredibly hard and I am absolutely terrified. I have to do my own taxes, learn how to do invoices and my own expenses, there is the pressure to create and manage a whole routine of my own, and come up with creative content on a much more regular basis. And no doubt I am about to be very very poor (bye bye payday) and I may have to look into getting a part time job to help on the income side of things. And do you know what? It might not work out. And if it doesn’t work out and it turns out I wasn’t meant to do this, at least I know I have tried. BUT, I have already begun some freelance writing work which I’ve really been enjoying and although it’s early days as an official self employed writer, it feels amazing, so I really really hope it does work out.

Of course I wouldn’t be doing all this if it wasn’t for my amazing Bearded Fiance and his incredible support. He is the one who has really helped me and pushed me to do this and been so wonderfully positive about it all (whilst i’ve been freaking out and having breakdowns).

And of course there is YOU. Yes, you, the reader, whom I have to Thank because without you, this would just be me writing to myself and rambling on completely unheard. And I hope you know and understand that this isn’t just about me chasing some silly internet dream. This about my love for writing what your reading. My passion to share things and inspire others. This is about me wanting to do something I enjoy, rather than a job that I have no interest in. I want to wake up everyday and do something I’m passionate about and make that my career and my goal.

Because life is too short to be anything but happy. 

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