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#CosmoBlogAwards Nominations 2015

September 7, 2015

Bloggers up and down the UK have all been asking the same question this Summer ‘What happened to the Cosmo Blog Awards?’ The magazine normally announce the opening of nominations in June, but this year there was radio silence, which lead to Beauty Blogger TeaPartyBeauty creating the industry’s very own #BloggersBlogAwards (You Go Girl!) Yes, Cosmo kept it very quiet, that was until last weekΒ when they FINALLY announced the news that nominations were open for the Cosmo Blog Awards 2015.

Last year I was absolutely delighted to be nominated for Best Lifestyle blog, something I honestly didn’t think would happen and I was over the moon. And I have YOU to thank for that *virtually high fives you* I in no way imagine that I could pull it off a second year running, not now that there are even more exceptionally talented bloggers on the scene, BUT in the spirit of ‘You got to be in it to win it‘ and ‘Why the bloody Hell not?’Β and not forgetting Yolo, I’m going to try again and ask for your help.

Unfortunately this year Cosmopolitan have left out the Lifestyle Category (amongst others such as Established and Newcomer). Although this is disappointing for the thousands of Lifestyle bloggers across the UK, I can sort of understand why. Lifestyle is such a huge category. It was the largest last year, with 12 blogs on the shortlist, whereas most others were eight to ten. And the lifestyle blogs covered so much; some were foodie, some more fitness, there wereΒ travel blogs in there, others more beauty focused – so I can imagine pinning those blogs against each other to judge can be quite difficult. So this year I will be entering for ‘Best Travel Blog’ as my blog most certainly falls under that category – I blog about travel every week and it’s the area I am most passionate about and want to continue blogging about.

So if you if you like this little cornerΒ of the Internet, and enjoyΒ my rambling, then please please click the button below to be taken to the nominations page – I would be sooooo grateful. Simply enter your email, followed by my url and select ‘Best Travel Blog’


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