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Dreaming of Devon, Craving Cornwall

August 25, 2015

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Last year I wrote a 30before30 list and no.10 on that list – a list I really need to get a move on with – is to visit Cornwall, or rather re-visit. You see, I went as a child with my family but I can’t really remember much, just that we did lots of walking and I did lots of moaning about all the walking (I was a lazy child), but as someone who has unexpectedly grown into a keen traveller, walker, general adventurer, I am now dying to go back and experience Cornwall as an adult, and maybe Devon along the way.

I made a vow to myself to not only travel the rest of the world, but to make an effort to travel my home country too! This Beautiful Island I call home has so much to offer for travelers and holidaymakers, and Devon and Cornwall are at the top of the list for having exotic foreign-looking coves and beaches you wouldn’t even think could exist on English lands. And with more and more people opting for a Staycation these days, it’s easy to see why Devon and Cornwall are UK hot spots for summer holidaying. In fact according to Parkdean Holidays, a recent survey showed that 41% of Devon and Cornwall residents have chosen to holiday on their own doorstep this year. But to be honest I don’t blame them; if I lived in a Sunny Surfer town that was also Capital of the Cornish Pasty, I’d stay put too. Devon and Cornwall have English castles to explore, mountains to climb, so much adventure that can all be finished off with a tray of scones covered in Cornish clotted cream *drooools*. But they also offer white beaches good enough for the Mediterranean, stunning clear blue sea water and views that are destined to be on postcards. This mix of both beautiful views and exotic surroundings combined with their British Heritage make both Devon and Cornwall perfect holiday destinations. Plus Sunshine! So much Sunshine.

Not that I can complain, we had beautiful Sunshine here in London at the weekend and because I still haven’t got round to visiting the coast, I decided bring the coast to me. Well, sort of. I decided to spend this rare Sunny Saturday at my Sisters, lounging in her big Garden and we decided to have our own little taste of Cornwall. Together, along with my one year old nephew, we enjoyed some Cornish treats, including shortbread, spiced biscuits and scones with jam and clotted Cornish cream – one of my favourites – and sipped on tasty British tea as we dreamt of Devon and scoffed on our very own piece of Cornwall.

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Unfortunately we didn’t have the Beautiful Sea to frolic in or cliff top views of the waves crashing and Surfers doing tricks. Sigh. BUT, we did have a paddling pool to cool our feet in and play ‘Splish Splash’ with my nephew. It may not have been the Beautiful coast that is Devon and Cornwall, but it was a really lovely day, with my lovely family and the super tasty Cornish treats* certainly made it a little more holiday-esque.

And I will get myself down to Cornwall soon (hopefully before next April!) as the more I talk about it the more keen I am to go exploring amongst the hills, the castles and the coves! But if you fancy going, and like me your an eager beaver, then Parkdean Holidays are giving away one of thier holidays for you and your family. They’ve created a Devon vs. Cornwall quiz style competition! Click here to enter. It’s actually a really fun quiz to do. I scored 6/10 – not my best! Good luck and let me know how you get on in the quiz.

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