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Steak or Lobster??

August 10, 2015

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Steak and Lobster

9-13 Bloomsbury Street Nr Covent Garden,ย London, WC1B 3QD

Steak is fast becoming one of my favorite meals. I’ve always liked it, but it’s only over the past year or so that I’ve really begun to appreciate a good piece of steak. Maybe it’s something to do with getting older, but gone are my days of ordering the salmon, these days it’s all about THE MEAT. So I’m pretty sure you can guess what I ordered when I had dinner at Steak and Lobster a few weeks ago.

I was there with the lovely team from Travel Supermarket who took myself and some fellow Lifestyleย bloggers out for some tasty food after ourย Towel Origami Masterclass. We’d had a twoย hour session with Alison Jenkins, arts and crafts extraordinaire, that had turned into one hell of a towel twisting, towel rollingย competition, and so they decided to treat us to Steak and Lobster afterwards. But when we all sat down, there was one big question we all had to answer (as the very straight forward Menu’s pointed out) – STEAK? or LOBSTER?

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steak lobster travel supermarket Wine Beer

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I’ve only ever tried Lobster once, and I wasn’t even sure I ate it right, so whilst I was tempted to order the Lobster to try it again, I just couldn’t resist a juicyย 10oz Ribeye steak.ย Neither could the Beard. All mains, both Steak and Lobster are served with chive and butter, a mixed salad, and here is the best part, UNLIMITED FRIES. We may have been cheeky and also ordered some onion rings to share.

It may be a choice of Steak or Lobster for your main, but if you really wanted a bit of both and had a hankering for steak AND Lobster, the nibbles and side dishes are the way around it. On the Nibbles menu you can order Chargrilled Steak Bites to go with your Lobster, or if ordering Steak you can have aย side dish of Prawn and Lobster cakes. Theres also chicken frites, Grilled mushrooms, and salad and olives on the side menu. And prepare yourself for some tasty sauces, including Peppercorn, Bearnaise, and Spiced Lime to name a few. I had Stilton and Red wine and I cannot describe how good it tasted poured all over my juicy steak, I know Peppercorn is a popular choice, but try the Stilton sauce, sooooo good.

steak and lobster travel supermarket Chips Salad Food

steak lobster travel supermarket 10z steak Food

steak lobster travel supermarket Onion Rings Side Dish

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steak lobster travel supermarket lobster and salad food

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Maybe next time I’ll try the Lobster, it looked really tasty, but just so much effort and work to eat (eating should be effortless in my books!) But whether you order the Lobster or the Steak, there is a good chance that you will leave needing a big long nap afterwards, which is exactly what the Beard and I did. We were so stuffed from all the delicious food (and a few glasses of wine) that we headed straight home to nurse our food babies.

(But not before we made some Napkin Origami Babies)Steak Lobster Travel Supermarket Tink 13

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