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How To: Make Towel Animals • Travel Supermarket

August 9, 2015

towel origami travel supermarket Tink 5

towel origami travel supermarket Tink 2

Towel Origami has become very popular. According to a recent survey conducted by Travel Supermarket, us Brits love entering a hotel room and seeing our very own towel swan, and of course taking a holiday snap of our little towel pet. It has most certainly become an art, and a tricky one as I discovered a few weeks ago. I was locked in a room (completely willingly of course) at the Radisson Blu Bloomsbury Hotel by the folks over at Travel Supermarket, with a group of other bloggers and our +1’s (I took the beard) to try and decipher the art of Towel Origami. Our aim was to create beautiful swans and elegant elephants from luxury cotton. We did monkeys too. Although I’m not sure luxury or elegant would describe the creatures us bloggers rolled up, but they were certainly creative.

towel origami travel supermarket Tink 1

towel origami travel supermarket Tink 3

The idea was that Alison Jenkins, our towel origami leader and author of The Lost Art of Towel Origami, would demonstrate how to make an animal, and us bloggers and our partners would then have to make our own animal from memory. We werent allowed to ask for help or sneak a peak of Alisons book. It was actually really difficult!

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towel origami travel supermarket Tink 9

The session got quite competitive; there were body parts flying around – towel body parts obviously – and there were even a few unexpected new Mums when a few bloggers unleashed towel origami babies into the world using hand towels. And the competition got real stiff as props were busted out from our bags in the form of iPhones, sunglasses and … a Banana? But it was all worth it because thanks to the Master of Towel Origami, Alison Jenkins, I can make a swan out of a towel! And here is how you can do it too:

Afterwards we were treated to a yummy dinner at Steak & Lobster, where we of course couldn’t resist making swan napkins, but more on that in my next post. To see what Travel Supermarket made of our attempts at Towel Animals, check out their full post and all the pictures HERE.

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