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How to drink Cider the Swedish Way

August 2, 2015

Rekorderlig Swedish Cider #BeautifullySwedish Tink Jayne

Rekorderlig Swedish Cider #BeautifullySwedish Tink Jayne

I’m constantly telling myself I need to stop drinking Cider. It’s quite fatty and especially the amount I drink. But truth be told it is my FAVOURITE drink, I love a glass of white wine, but it’s fruity Cider that I always find myself craving on a summer afternoon, or even on a winter’s night in a cosy pub; Cider is my go-to drink.

If I’m out in a bar or pub I always prefer to drink Cider from the tap. But if I’m having Ciders at home, I tend to chose bottled ciders such as Old Mout or the Swedish brand Rekorderlig; they have some gorgeous flavours. Last week Rekorderlig sent me some Cider along with some promotional material to celebrate their first ever ad campaign Silver Skaters (watch here). But it was the cocktail style extras they threw in that caught my eye – fresh mint and a lime. I’m not usually one for adding fancy extras bits to my cider, most of the time I don’t even have ice, but I decided to try it to the Rekorderlig way, and it’s very simple if you fancy trying it to…

Rekorderlig Swedish Cider #BeautifullySwedish Tink Jayne

Pour a bottle of Strawberry & Lime Rekorderlig Cider over a glass of ice (don’t add the ice, you’ll get splashback and that’s just wasting cider). Chop up some lime and add one or two slices to the drink, then top with fresh mint leaves. Give it a stir with a straw or a spoon. Voila – Cider that is #BeautifullySwedish It’s cool, delicious, fruity and the mint works so well with it.

And I couldn’t resist whacking on the Swedish beard they gave me so that I could have a Beard off with the Beard…

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