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Eating my body weight in Spanish Food & Wine

July 28, 2015

Wine, Cheese, Fish, Wine, Cheese, Fish – this is pretty much the pattern me and the Beard followed during our Spanish weekend of Nothingness. In last weeks Travel post I talked about how we spent our days lazing, swimming and reading, so to add to the relaxing theme we spent our evenings enjoying Spanish wine and eating local cuisine.

On our last evening we ventured to Puerto De Mazzaron, the town next to Isla Plana which is a popular holiday destination for the Spanish. There is a gorgeous beach with a long esplanade lined with outdoor restaurants and bars. We found a restaurant that we liked the look of and took a seat where we could face the beach and people-watch as Spanish holiday makers walked their dogs, played with their children and young couples frolicked in the Mediterranean Sea. It was bliss.

Being right by the sea, we knew we wanted to try some of the seafood that would have been caught fresh that day. To start we went down the Tapas route and a ordered few dishes to share before both picking a main.



Our tapas starters were incredible and like nothing I’ve had before. What first arrived was a plate of semi-mashed potatoes smothered in a very white buttery garlic sauce. The taste was too rich to eat the potato by itself, but when you combined it with the dish next to it, anchovies soaked in a sauce made of vinegar and olive oil, it was delicious, one of the tastiest things I’ve ever put in my mouth.


The flavours in these dishes were so intense and not like any kind of tapas I’ve had in England. Next we shared a plate of white bait that looked like a bowl of noodles, drowned in oil. Again, another delicious dish that I’ve never even heard of before (of course a quick Google search proved this is a very popular dish). We ordered some calamari too which I love, but these were huge and piled high, served with lemon and a garlic sauce.


Next our mains were served. I ordered a tuna steak and the Beard had Seafood Paella which arrived in a huge pan type plate. My tuna steak was good, but the Paella was the winner, it was incredible (as I discovered myself when I tucked into the Beards leftovers).

Excluding my Sisters home made chorizo paella and the odd meal at la Tasca, I’d never really tried Spanish food properly (unless a Spanish omelette counts?) But I loved all the Spanish food we had over this wonderful weekend. The anchovies dish being my absolute favourite. Not to mention the Spanish wine was not only gorgeous but cheap, which lead to far too many bottles being consumed throughout our four day stay. Sangria may have been involved too. Check out our vlog below to get a closer look at all the lovely Spanish food and wine we consumed…