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The Big Bubble Theory

July 27, 2015

Bubble Tea Tink Jayne 8

bubble tea tink jayne 5

Bubble Tea Tink Jayne 12

Hanging out in a lab, drinking bright pink tea and popping bubbles in my mouth isn’t how I would usually spend my Tuesday evenings, but on this particular Tuesday I was attending a Bubble Tea masterclass at Bubbleology in Notting Hill. What is Bubble Tea? you ask – it is a Tea that is infused with fruity flavours and served with all natural Tapioca pearls which youย snack onย as you drink.

In the land of Taiwan, born and raised is where Bubble Tea spent most of its days (see what I did there) that was until the Bubbleology Professorย decided to bring it over to the UK and give it a colourful twist,ย using the science behind it as a theme for the Bubbleology venues. FACT: Making Bubble Tea is such a scientific procedure that to win a job behind the Bubble counter you have to be a Maths Whizz (so no Bubble Tea career for me). Staff wear white lab coats and walls are adorned with Bubble Tea formula’s.

bubble tea tink jayne 3

bubble tea tink jayne 2

Bubble Tea Tink Jayne 13

Bubble Tea Tink Jayne 6

Bubble Tea Tink Jayne14

Allย the teas are freshly brewed and are 100% vegetarian. But I have to admit, after my third Bubble Tea I felt a bit sick, it may have been a bit too much sugar for me, so next time I go I’m planning to try out some of the milky bubble teas as they seem much more my style (I’ve heard a rumour they do cookies & creamย – Nom).ย That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy my strawberry and passion fruit tea and popping all the little bubbles in my mouth. Bubble Tea is certainly an experience; whether your a green tea enthusiast, a ginger & apple addict, or a milk and two sugars kinda gal like me, all tea drinkers need to give Bubble Tea a go at least once, although maybe not your Gran, I doubt it would be her cup of tea, pun intended.

What I really loved about Bubble Tea is how colourful it is. I took over 100 photos at this event because all the teas and bubbles looked so pretty. It was so colourful me and my friend Tam had a little Bubble Tea photo shoot in the Bubbleology court yard. Basically I have come up with this not so scientific formula:

BubbleTea + Pretty Balloons = An Instagrammers Dream