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The Joy of Doing Nothing

July 21, 2015

Everyday I wake up to the sounds of sirens whaling, cars beeping their way through slow traffic and the bashing of tools from the builders around the corner. By 9.30am each morning I have already passed or interacted with hundreds of people as I queue with them in coffee shops, cram onto a tube with them, power walk across London Bridge with them and then eventually congregate into an office with them.

My days are spent intensely glaring at a screen, scrolling through information after information to produce work. Tapping away at my keyboard replying to emails. And then in my spare time I choose to do the same thing; blogging on my laptop, replying to emails, whilst taking breaks to scroll through my iPhone and occasionally look up at to the TV screen that blurs away in the background.

Evenings that aren’t spent working, blogging or doing more screen related activities are normally spent either running across London to head to an event or my fave – drinking with friends. Of course drinking with friends in a bar usually means spending the first 20 minutes waiting to be served and then the next 20 minutes waiting for a free table.

It’s easy to see why a break from the real world is needed every now and then. And as much as I love London and feel blessed to call it my home, I just had to escape from the noise, from the mayhem and from the super speedy rat race that we all take far too seriously (people actually get annoyed if anyone takes longer than 1.5 secondsΒ to tap into the underground – and that is not an exaggeration!) So earlier this month the Beard took meΒ for a long weekend to the south of Spain to take four days to do nothing, and honestly I cannot recommend this enough.


Now, I’m not saying you specifically have to go to Spain, you could stay in the UK if it’s cheaper for you, go to Wales, go to Scotland, maybe even go to your Parents house. Anywhere as long as it’s peaceful. And once you are there, relax and do nothing.

Obviously when I say nothing, I don’t mean lie there for four days in stillness – that would be painfully boring. Or would that be classed as peaceful meditation? Either way – that’s not what I mean. I mean go away for a week or even just a weekend and don’t make any plans. Just relax.


Have you ever cheerfully asked someone ‘Hey – How was your holiday?’ Only to get the rather dull response ‘Oh God, I need another one’. Depressing right? Who wants to come back from a holiday feeling like that. I love a good jam-packed holiday full of activities, but I can’t imagine coming back from a trip and feeling stressed. If that’s the case you most certainly need a holiday like this one, a holiday of nothingness.

Read a book. Take a nap. Eat and drink your body weight in foreign foods. Watch a sunset. Do relaxing things you wouldn’t get the chance to do in your normal life. Personally I spent the first afternoon of our trip (after taking a siesta) reading a book, something I haven’t done in a good few weeks because I’ve been so busy. Come 7pm the Beard joined me on the balcony and we enjoyed a bottle of wine (or three). The following night we even did our own cheese and wine night. We slept a lot, took dips in the pool, I caught on YouTube videos whilst sunbathing. We popped out to a bar one afternoon. The most energetic thing we did was the food shopping!


Returning to the office on the Tuesday afternoon after a glorious four days of relaxing bliss,Β I expected to feel quite miserable about heading into work. Whilst I certainly began my day with a gloomy ‘holiday blues’ cloud hanging over me, I actually had a surprisingly positive and motivating day and so was the week that followed. Which proves my theory that getting away for a weekend of doing nothing was much needed and is in fact beneficial. So what are you waiting for? Go find somewhere to escape to.


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