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Nine Minutes in Vietnam

July 14, 2015








After partying my way through Thailand and then enjoying some traditional culture in the country of Laos, the Beard and I spent four weeks travelling down the coast of Vietnam. Occasionally we met up with backpacker friends for a big night on the town village, but we spent most of those four weeks experiencing the Vietnamese life, includingΒ watching a Vietnamese water puppet show, holidaying in Halong Bay with Vietnamese families, and taking Vietnamese cooking classes.

I found Vietnam to be a wonderful country, and surprisingly romantic. Arriving in Ho Chi MinhΒ we noticed a number of young Vietnamese couples – some even dressed in matching outfits – spending their evenings together holding hands around the park. But alongside the sweet romantic side ofΒ Vietnam we were able to experience the hustle and bustle of city life (and trust me there is A LOT of hustle & bustle there, trying to cross the road is terrifying those first few times). Yet we were also able to leave the city life behind for some quiet periods, visiting towns such as Hue, which held so much history. Of course there were still plenty of nights drinking Tiger beer and dancing to cheesy music, but it was Vietnam that we felt like we became proper backpackers; we hung out with Vietnamese families, bought Vietnamese clothes and ate and cooked our own Vietnamese meals. Maybe this is why my Vietnam Vlog is my longest Asia Vlog yet. Check it out below to get an experience of what it’s like to travel down the coast of Vietnam…

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