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My Holiday Handbag Essentials

July 8, 2015

I’m jetting off to the South of Spain for a days on Friday – Woohoo! My boyfriend booked the holiday for us quite spontaneously last month (he never does spontaneous things like this, so he most certainly earned himself a few β€˜Awesome Boyfriend’ points). It’s not a long trip, so I won’t be packing too many things, in fact it’s pretty much just swimwear, flip flops, T-shirts etc. But I wanted to share my holiday handbag essentials with you guys…

I’ve previously posted what I pack in my backpack when going on hiking trips or active days out. But this holiday is to be a little different than others. We are planning to spend most of it enjoying the Spanish Sunshine, the Spanish food (and wine) and the Spanish Sea. However, since neither of us are really the sunbathing types, I’m sure it won’t be long before we are seeking out some Spanish Adventure. So who knows what we will get up to? But regardless, when holidaying in a hot country like Spain, there are a few handbag necessities…

holiday handbag essentials 5

My most important handbag essential when holidaying in a hot country is suntan lotion. As someone who has experienced horrific burns before, I take this very seriously. I can understand why some people prefer to apply it and then leave it in their hotel room, but trust me this is dangerous. You need to be reapplying your sun cream every few hours as you will be sweating it off without realising it, so I advise carrying it around with you. For more Summer Skin Tips, read THIS post approved by the British Skin Foundation.

This year I will be trying out these Smartsun UV indicator wristbands*Β and keeping a stash in my handbag. They apparently change colour depending on whether you’re safe to stay in the sun, should reapply suncream or should avoid the sun for the rest of the day. How cool is that? (Well technically it’s the opposite of cool). I’ve suffered sun stroke a few times and it is very unpleasant – it can lead to nausea, dizziness, headaches and even vomiting, and yes I’ve had all four of those symptoms before. But that won’t be happening with these bad boys. Buy them HERE.

holiday handbag essentials 2

My hair can be a problem in the heat. It tends to frizz up in the humidity and get all sticky and annoying, so I imagine I’ll be wearing it tied up most of the time. But I decided to jazz up my hair bobbles for this trip and foundΒ a few cute scrunchies in the New Look saleΒ for just Β£2 each, so at least my frizzy buns will have a little tropical style to them! I will also be carrying around my trusty Tangle Teaser to brush out the tatts after a swim in the sea or the pool.

My iPhone comes everywhere with me so obviously its to be a holiday handbag essential. I’ll be taking my new SLR camera on the trip but I doubt I will take it everywhere, so my iPhone also acts as my back up camera. It also has a few handy travel apps on there, such as the XE currency converter. I’ll also keep my portable charger with me. I carry this everywhere with me too, its small enough that it fits in my bag and it actually chargers my phone quicker than the real thing.

holiday handbag essentials 4

Sunglasses are vital, but will obviouslyΒ spend more time on my face than in my bag. I’m also using a free Superdrug make-up bag as a holiday purse, it’s large enough to fit all my cards in, plus my passport and my boarding passes. And finally I always carry a bottle of water around with me. It’s very important, unless I fancy dehydrating, which I don’t.

holiday handbag essentials 3

Where are you holidaying this year? What are your holiday handbag essentials? Anything I’ve missed?

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