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Three Minutes in Laos

July 7, 2015





Following on from last weekโ€™s Seven Minutes in Thailand vlog, I have created this Three Minutes in Laos video. The Beard and I spent just under two weeks traveling through the beautiful and very traditional country of Laos, kicking it off with a two day boat trip traveling from Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand to the town of Luang Prabang in Laos (stopping for one night in Pakbeng).

Going from Thailand to Laos, it is impossible not to notice the drastic difference between the two countries. Gone is the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, there are no brightly coloured cabs, no late night fire shows on beaches, or shots being offered to you left, right and centre. Laos is a much more tranquil country, mostly made up of hills, mountains and Buddhist monasteries. I call the country traditional, because it is; there are drinking curfews and rules to abide by. Whilst we still did our fair share of backpacker drinking in the one or two bars that exist there, Laos for us was a more much cultural trip; swimming in serene waterfalls, taking in the old-style markets and crafts, embracing the beautiful countryside and of course respecting all the rules and making friends with the locals. As much as I loved Thailand for all its naughtiness and fun and for introducing me to so many amazing backpackers, it was Laos that gave me that cultural difference I had been craving since we left China. Check out what we got upto in this quick travel vlog…

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