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Seven Minutes in Thailand

June 30, 2015


Last week I spoke about the joys of finding our Great Barrier Reef snorkeling pictures a year after we thought we had left the disc in Australia. Well, since then I’ve been on a bit of a roll with digging out my backpacker photos and vlogs. My wonderful tech-wizard of a boyfriend even managed to get all my files off my broken laptop and put them on my new one which meant I got to watch travel videos I’d never even had the chance to watch before.

Once I’d organised the files and put them in the correct folders (neat freak!) I began playing around with the video content and had so much fun I ended up making a bunch of vlogs. The first being the below, Seven Minutes in Thailand.

Going through the footage of me and my travel friends brought back such amazing memories and it suddenly felt like it had all happened yesterday. It’s odd how many people you forget about until you find a video of you and this stranger doing a shot together and your like ‘Ah yes, skinny Jack, I remember him.’

I have to admit, going through the photos of the beautiful sunsets and the exotic animals, and the videos of the beach party mayhem and the chaotic streets, I just wanted to dust off myΒ backpack and do it all over again … but of course I remembered about the whole rented flat, overdue bills and oh, the near-enough empty bank account.

So for now I am having to live vicourisly through my own memories, which isn’t too bad actually, why not give it a try? Just watch the quick video below to get a real taste of life as a backpacker in Thailand…

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