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THE little ISSUE • Should you Make up or Break Up

June 11, 2015

Most of my YouTube videos are travel related, there’s also a few product reviews up there and a few hair & beauty tutorials. But I wanted to start doing a series in which I talk a bit more, because in all honesty I’m a bit of a chatter box and whilst blogging and writing is my passion, there are some points I feel I get across better by just saying them out loud.

I’m not one to babble on about politics or religion – mainly because I just don’t know enough about either subject to be able to rant freely about them – but I do like to talk about the smaller issues in life. Like, why do women hate on each other all the time? Why do we get Jealous? Why does a break up hurt so much if it’s the right thing? What if I DON’T want that dream job? Issues that aren’t exactly life or death, but that are still important issues in our own personal lives. So I decided to just go ahead and start this series, calling it – THE little ISSUE.

I first decided I wanted to do this Series when my boyfriend and I went through a bit of a tough patch and we needed to figure out whether to Break up or Make up. We spent a few weeks thinking things over and eventually came to a decision (more on that in the video). But afterwards I felt like I wanted to share how we/I came to make the big decision, because it’s not like there is a relationship guide book out there telling us all exactly when a relationship should end or when it should continue, and I feel like sometimes people are afraid to talk about it because it means admitting your relationship is on the rocks. And on THAT subject, I also just wanted to talk about how it’s completely okay for a relationship to be on the rocks. I wanted to get across the oh-so important point that relationships are NOT perfect all the time, despite what you may see on social media. So with that I made my first THE little ISSUE video titled Should you Make up? Or Break up?

I’ll be honest, I was, and still am, pretty terrified about sharing such an open and personal video. I almost deleted the entire thing a few nights ago. But I argued with myself not to. Here’s hoping people out there not only understand it, but find it helpful. Check it out below, I’d love to know your thoughts on this little issue:

(excuse the bad editing – I’m still learning)

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