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8 Reasons to go to Las Vegas (that don’t involve Gambling or Strippers)

June 9, 2015



… Because let’s face it, I think those are two things that spring to most people’s minds when they think of Vegas. It’s known as the only city in the world that will keep your secrets a secret (what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?) And we all saw what happened in the movie Hangover – drugs, strippers, sex, gambling and … tigers (??) I loved that movie, and I love that wild side of Vegas. BUT, it’s not all Bachelor parties and High Rollers and Big Winners (or big losers!), there is a whole other side to Vegas.

There is the adventure, the magnificent buildings, the showbiz, and lets not forget the food. There’s plenty for the older folks, plenty for the young kids, and plenty for everyone in between. I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out an incredible trip to Vegas, just because they think Vegas is only for Poker Players or Stag parties. So here are 8 reasons I think you should go to go to Vegas (that don’t involve Gambling or Strippers … or tigers):


See Hotels that are out of this world
You won’t believe some of these hotels until you actually see them with your eyes. They are incredible. The New York New York has a replica of the Statue of Liberty attached to the hotel that a roller coaster drives in and out of. The Luxor Pyramid Hotel is an actual Pyramid shape (and almost the same size as an Egyptian Pyramid) and has a giant Sphinx sitting at the entrance. It’s crazy. On the other hand if you’re not into gimmick type hotels and you want pure class, then just chose from one of the many other luxury hotels, such as the Wynn, a brand new curved high-rise hotel with a waterfall, or the Venetian, which has its own river going through the hotel that you float down on a Gondola. The Mandarin Oriental has it’s own Aquarium – with Sharks!! Seriously, these hotels are out of this world. During my stay in Vegas a lot of of my time was taken up with visiting different hotels, which I guess is kind of like Vegas sightseeing, as they really are sights to be seen, and there is something different in each one.


There is so much Food to indulge in
From amazing all-you-can-eat Buffets to fine dining at Michelin star restaurants, you could quite easily go to Vegas just to eat. You’ll never have a dull meal or a dull moment. Personally I loved Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant at Caesars Palace where I had the most delicious stake. Then there were all the American pancakes and waffles I ate at numerous diners, including a street diner in New York New York on a set that made me feel like I was actually eating in New York City. Check out my Vegas Food Vlog:


Entertainment for Everyone
Whether it’s Britney, Boyz II Men or Donnie and Marie, there are so many amazing shows to see. From Elton John to Olivia Newton John. From a Michael Jackson Cirque de Soleil tribute to The Rock of Ages Musical. Or perhaps your more into a bit of magic and fancy seeing Criss Angel? There is something for everyone. And not only Broadway style shows and headline acts, but quite often DJ’s pop into town for one-off shows and appearances. Whilst I was there tickets were being sold for a huge Calvin Harris gig. The Vegas Entertainment on offer is amazing, in fact you will probably struggle to decide what and who you want to go and see.


It’s Sunny all year round
It very rarely rains in Vegas, it’s in the middle of the Desert, so there might be a couple of wet days in December, but your pretty much guaranteed clear blue skies all year round. I landed in Vegas on the 29th October and on the 30th I sat out and sunbathed in the Vegas sunshine for a few hours and it was glorious. So if you’re looking for a sunny holiday, but can only afford to go off-peak, Vegas is perfect.


Everyone can afford it
Vegas is great for not only meeting the needs of the rich, classy and famous, but also for those that are holidaying on a budget. And I think that’s why Vegas works so well. You can start your day off with a champagne breakfast at the Bellagio, and end up at Margaretville drinking cheap Margaritas at the ‘5oclock Somewhere Bar’ (which is actually a really fun bar to go to – I recommend).



Go on a Road Trip or Hiking. Yes, Hiking!
And by that I don’t mean a long walk on the strip, I mean go and check out some of the amazing natural wonders of the world that are so close to Las Vegas, such as the Grand Canyon or Red Rock Canyon. There is also the Zion National Park, Death Valley (be careful there), Lake Powell and Hoover Dam. Check out my post 12 Reasons you NEED to go to the Grand Canyon if that’s more your thing.



It’s full of Roller Coasters & Adventures
If you’re a thrill seeker you will love the Vegas roller coasters. As I mentioned earlier there is the Big Apple Roller coaster at the New York New York which practically takes you on a tour of the hotel and casino as it zips in and out of the incredible New York sky scrapers and the Statue of Liberty herself. I personally loved visiting the stratosphere (that enormously tall hotel pictured above) which has a selection of terrifying rides for you to choose from, including a sky jump from the top of the building, leaping 855 feet from the ground – would you do it?? It was incredible to watch from the top as we queued for a much less scary ride called the Big Shot, which shoots you up to the highest point of Vegas – terrifying but great view. There is also the Adventuredome, in door sky diving, a Wet n Wild and sooooooo much more. So Vegas is actually a great place to take kids on holiday … and big kids, like me.

It’s a Shoppers Dream
If your splashing the cash you can do so at Prada, Dior, Tiffany’s, and plenty of other high-end stores that have found themselves lining the plush hotels of Vegas. There is even a Ferrari store! Of course if your much more down market, like me, there are plenty of Fashion outlets where you can buy stuff on sale, so of course that’s where me and the gang headed on one of our last days in Vegas. Then you go right down market to the tacky shops, which I loved. Not far from the stratosphere hotel is a selection of Sex Shops, fancy dresses places, liquor stores and weird supermarkets, all selling amazingly cheap tack just begging to be taken back to the UK.

To see what I got upto in Vegas, check out my full Vegas Vlog:

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