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A Conversation with… Binky Felstead

June 8, 2015




Wednesday afternoons are normally the busiest afternoon of my week, it’s all meetings and excel sheets. But last Wednesday I swapped sitting at my desk and excel grids, for sitting in a Penthouse suite alongside Made in Chelsea’s Binky Felstead and having my hair pampered. Sigh. If only every Wednesday could be like that…

Binky has recently become the new ambassador for hair company Easilockes, the brand behind the revolutionary hair extensions that don’t use glue, heat, sewing or braiding (I really want some). Now Easilockes are releasing a brand new hair styling product called the Hair Hero and to celebrate the launch Binky and the Easilockes team put on a little soirée with champers and canapés to tell us more about this fab new product, and I even got to test it out…

easilockes 2


easilocks binky



The Hair Hero is a 3-in-1 hairstyler, you can straighten, wave or curl. As I was attending the Baileys Women in Fiction Awards that night, I asked James, the Easilocks stylist who was looking after me, to give me lovely big waves. My first thought was that I couldn’t believe how quick it was to achieve such gorgeous waves using the Hair Hero. The Patented Tourmaline technology works to lock in moisture and eliminate frizz, which means hair is easier to glide through and style, reducing styling time dramatically. I absolutely loved the finished look that James created for me.



After being pampered and nibbling on some of the beautiful canapés, I sat down for a girly chat with Binky:

Binky, I love the Hair Hero, it’s amazing. What was it that you loved about Easilockes and in particular the Hair Hero, that made you want to be their brand ambassador?

I started using Easilockes about three years ago, way before I became their ambassador and I just loved them, I’ve always been a fan. They really know their stuff. The reason I love the new Hair Hero is because it doesn’t damage your hair, it’s seriously amazing, and you’ve got to look after your hair. Plus it’s three things in one; it curls, it’s straightens and it gives you beautiful waves. Having one styling product doing 3 things in 1, means it’s less to pack when your off on holiday or spending the night out or at your boyfriends.

And that’s exactly why I need it! I always opt for Hand Luggage only when I’m travelling to Europe and so this would definitely come in handy.


But anyway, let’s talk about your hair. You’ve always kept your gorgeous locks dark and natural, you’ve never changed or played around with the colour – which I actually really admire because so many celebs are desperate to be trend setters…

Thank you

But would you ever go for a drastic change in colour, like blonde, or would you stick to your roots? (pun intended)

No, I wouldn’t change it, certainly not to blonde – everyone is blonde these days. I say stick to what you know and dark hair is what I know. I’m doing it for the brunettes.

(Then we high five as I’m a brunette too, Yay!)

(And then I feel like a bad brunette for having an ash blonde tips put in last weekend, Booo)

So can I throw a few Scenario’s at you?

Let’s do it.

Scenario one: Your running late. You’ve got a really really important meeting or some sort of important event that you HAVE to go, but you’ve not got much time to get ready. So, you can only chose to do either your make up or your hair – what it would be?

Make up. I’m quite lucky with my hair and I’ve looked after it so I could wash it and leave the house as it is. But I’d have to wear make up. Hair is quite nice for being able to style differently or even tie up, but if I’ve got a spot or something I have to be able to cover it up. And if I’m going to an important event I want to feel confident.

I completely agree with you on this one. I love styling my hair but out of the two, make up wins every time. Okay, scenario Two. Your having a girly night in with your best girl friends – what are the three things you MUST have to make it a great night? For example DVD’s, take away?

Hmmmm, it would have to be, Chocolate, Champagne and ….. games.

Sounds Lovely!

(I instantly feel silly for suggesting takeaway. Chocolate and Champagne is far more glamorous. But it sounds like Binky knows how to throw a girly night, and judging from the cute little chocolate canapés and the bucket of Champagne on the table at this even, I’m guessing Binky had a very personal input on this oh so lovely Easilocks event)

Okay, final question – Who is your style icon?

I don’t have one!

Binky gives an adorable smile. I gasp and then tell her she’s Awesome for just being herself and not trying to be something else. Then we took a Selfie, and I learnt never to stand next to her in a picture again, because even when your having a good hair and make up day she will outshine you:


IMG_2231 IMG_2092


For more info on the Hair Hero and to purchase head to
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