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Top Tips for an Organised Morning and a More Positive Day

June 7, 2015

My company started a Summer hours system a few weeks ago, meaning if we work an extra hour each day then we can leave the office on Fridays at 1pm. Such a good idea right? BUT, I knew it would mean I would have to get my act together when it comes to getting up in the morning. I’m the worst for snoozing my alarm, sleeping in and then rolling into work looking an absolute mess. But having this Summer hours system as an incentive has helped me transform my messy mornings from chaotic and moody to organised and stress-free. I now love my mornings so much that I’ve even been getting up early on the weekends! Summer, winter, who cares, I’m slowly converting to a morning person and it feels darn right good.Β Here are my Top Tips for an organised morning:



Plan Outfit & Pack Bag: I used to waste so much time in the morning faffing around trying to find that top I wanted to wear, or the jeans I suddenly realise I haven’t washed. I’d also end up running around trying to find my keys or purse or portable charger or whatever else I may have taken out of my bag the previous night. These days I plan my outfit and sort my bag out the night before, including sorting a packed lunch if I’m taking one. Having these things all ready and laid out has made my mornings stress free and it can make yours stress free too.
Wash your hair: I suppose this depends on the type of person you are, not to mention the type of hair you have, but personally if I plan to wash my hair in the morning it always ends up being a rushed job, too frizzy, or I just can’t be bothered and have to tie it up to hide the grease. But washing and styling my hair the evening before has meant waking up and not having to worry about it, bar maybe a five minute grooming/touch up session.
Switch your phone onto Aeroplane Mode: Its important to completely switch off when you go to bed. You simply won’t get a good nights sleep if your constantly being woken up by the vibrations of incoming texts, tweets or emails. Plus, popping it onto aeroplane mode saves your battery overnight. (Need sleeping tips? Check out my Top Tips for a good nights sleep)


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Wake up earlier: Its hard but trust me it’s worth it. I’ve always been a snoozer and I’ve been known to snooze up to an hour after my original alarm goes off (tut tut), but getting up earlier has completely changed my morning routine. It means no rushing and therefore no stress, because let’s face it there is nothing fun about having to take a 30 second shower and run to the train station because you over slept. Why not get up and seize the day, you’ll feel so much better for it.
Keep your phone on aeroplane mode: Once your alarm has gone off and you’ve made the decision to get up, it might be tempting to have a quick look through your emails, or check your tweets and Instagram. Don’t!Β Leave your phone on aeroplane mode and leave all that faffing and phone business till your on the train.
Drink Water: Once your out of bed try drinking a large glass of water; I usually keep an ice cold bottle in the fridge. Doing this will wake you up, hydrate you and also reduce the chance of headaches throughout the day. I also find splashing my face with cold water helps me to feel awake and alert. (Not a fan of water? Check out my post How to enjoy Tap Water)
Take the time to enjoy something: I’ve realised that getting up earlier and having less of a rushed morning means time to do something you enjoy. Technically this is still your free time outside of work, why not spend it being happy and relaxed, whether that’s enjoying a coffee or a tea, listening to the radio, reading a paper, enjoying a longer shower or a relaxing bath, or in my case making a Smoothie.
Set a ‘Nearly Time to Go’ alarm: Set an alarm to go off for ten minutes before you need to leave the house. This is so that you aren’t suddenly doing a ‘CRAP IS IT 8AM?? BUT IM STILL IN MY PJ’S’. There is nothing worse than thinking your morning is running smoothly and then looking at your watch to see that you should have left 5 minutes ago. Setting up this alarm means that even if you are unaware of being behind schedule, that you won’t get a nasty surprise, you’ll still have ten minutes to get yourself sorted.
Plan your day ahead: This could be something you do the night before, in the morning, on the train or even at work. For me, it’s the first thing I do when I sit down at my desk to begin my working day. I write a To Do List out every single morning and plan my whole day out. I don’t always stick to the list or get everything done but it’s good to have a plan to work with.

Adjusting my morning routine to the above has been easier than you’d think and it’s probably to do with how good it has been making me feel. Just getting up earlier, being in work earlier and planning my day out has made me so much more productive! Arranging my clothes, bag and food the night before has most certainly made my mornings more relaxing. So much so that I’ve actually been looking forward to getting up in the mornings to enjoy my stress-free leisurely paced routine. Not to mention it has improved my confidence and how I feel about myself because I actually have time to do my hair and make-up properly and I’m taking the time and effort to chose an outfit, something I’d forgotten how much I loved doing! Overall I feel much happier and not only is my working day more positive, but my day as a whole, evenings an all!

Will you be using any of the above tips? Do you have any to add?
What’s your mourning routine like? I’d love to know in the comments below…
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