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Do Not Periscope Drunk (and other Live Broadcasting need-to-knows)

June 2, 2015

Last Thursday afternoon I downloaded Periscope. On Saturday evening I got drunk and did a live broadcast on Periscope. On Sunday morning I was deleting said broadcast from Periscope and vowed never to do it drunk again!

It all started when my friend Jess came down from Leeds at the weekend to visit myself and our chum Tammie. On Saturday night we decided to do a proper old skool night, meaning we decided to go to a proper pub, drink proper pints and then go out dancing in our flats shoes somewhere with cheesy music and a sticky floor. At the beginning of the night, after one or two pints, tipsy me brought up the subject of Periscope, the new app that lets you broadcast live to other Periscope users. Tammie mentioned that she had recently downloaded it too and so she began Periscoping, and then me thinking I was clever began Periscoping her Periscoping me (oh what a crazy pair we are!) It seemed fun and we got the hang of it quite easily.

Much much later on after many drinks had been demolished – much more than planned – and once the dance portion of the evening was in full swing, drunk me came up with the brilliant idea to Periscope. And so I busted out the iPhone and filmed a five minute broadcast of what I thought was a fun video of us girls dancing, raising our drinks, toasting the viewers and just generally having a good time.

The next morning, a dehydrated, panda-eyed, very hungry, very hungover me, awoke to a flashback of filming. I went onto Periscope to playback my video.

The Periscope was awful.

I would just like to point out that whilst I enjoy getting quite tipsy, I’m not the sort of person who gets really really drunk, aka absolutely plastered, those days are gone. Partly because I can’t deal with the hangover, but mostly because I don’t like the person I become. You know who I’m talking about, the drunk person who jumps around, gets really cocky, suddenly thinks they can do anything and that everything they do is hilarious. Yup, that’s really really drunk me. She doesn’t tend to make many public appearances anymore, but when she does she is so annoying. Only she would think it would be a good idea to Periscope in that awful state. Tsk. I’ve woken up before to find drunken videos sitting in my iPhone waiting to be viewed. I normally watch, laugh at myself, shake my head, and then delete as I think to myself ‘Thank God no one saw that sober’. But on Periscope it is a different story – nearly 40 people had watched me live as I made a fool of myself and even more tuned in for a replay. They watched my bad dancing and drunk pouting. They watched me downing and spilling drinks. They watched as I pulled weird faces that must have been attempts to look sexy but were complete and utter fails. Plus my actual filming was appalling – it was jumpy and shaky. I also shouted a lot into the microphone and I finished the Periscope by screaming all the words to the Thong Song, at which point plenty of people logged off my live broadcast (and I don’t blame them).

Yes I had fun at the time, and yes that’s what happens on a girly night, you get drunk, you dance, you sing, but what doesn’t usually happen is BigAlan83 from Texas saying β€˜shake yo ass harder’ to me as I do it. Yup, not only was the dancing in full swing, but the commenting too.Β I played the video back and watched on in horror as I not only made a fool of myself, but comments popped up on the broadcast – some nice, some just awful and some dam right sleazy. Cringe!

The Next Step? Delete the broadcast and make a vow to never do that drunk again.

With that in mind here is my Periscope Need-to-Knows, as well as a few helpful ‘How To’s’:

1) The most important Need-to-know, don’t periscope drunk, unless your confident that your a good drunk (is there such a thing?)
2) If you have made a Periscope your not comfortable with you can delete it. It will still remain on your profile but no one will be able to watch it. To do this justΒ go to your Broadcast replay and scroll to the bottom where there will be a ‘Delete Replay’ option.
3) Even if some how your phone crashes, dies, or you can’t for some reason access the app, the broadcast isΒ only re-playable for 24 hours so it wont be circulating on the internet forever.
4) Don’t forget your account is linked to your Twitter so unless you’ve changed your settings your Periscopes will be posted on your Twitter feed too … just a heads up.
5) I think there is a good chance that Periscope Perves and trolls are going to pop up even on the most PG and sober periscopes, if one is bothering you the best thing to do is ignore them and they will eventually get bored of the lack of attention (obviously if it gets out of hand report them)
6) But it’s not all trolls, viewers can double tap the screen to send you hearts which is so sweet and you can’t help but crack a smile when they do.
7) Viewers can also chat to you and ask you questions and I think it’s very important to respond to them to keep your audience involved (obviously ignoring any Periscope Perves or Trolls)
8) If you don’t want strangers seeing your broadcasts, then there is a lock option. Selecting this option will enable only certain people to view the broadcast and you can chose who.
9) On the other hand, if you want to engage with LOTS of people on Periscope, then use your title to attract their attention and get across what it is your broadcasting.

Now that I’ve got my head around it and learnt what NOT to do, I will be taking Periscope a little more seriously and only be using it for blog related stuff such as events, or travel or even just chit-chats. This morning I did a live broadcast of my everyday make-up routine and it was a VERY positive experience, the total opposite of Saturday night’s participation. Only 11 people tuned in, but it fascinated me that as I did my makeup, people from around the world watched, including a lovely Canadian girl who was watching me at 3am her time. I mean, wow!

So I enjoyed doing that type of video and it was nice to connect with people from around the world! So more Periscopes like that will defo be happening. I’ve got a few blog events lined up this week and will be broadcasting them I think. But for the sake of the Periscope Perverts and for the sake of my own sanity and my own embarrassment – I have made a strict No Drunk PeriscopingΒ rule!

If you fancy being Periscope pals or watching the replay of this mornings make up broadcast, just search Tinkerbelljayne on the app (same as my Twitter and Instagram handles) or leave your user name in the comments below…

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