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Morning Time Dew #MyFragrantFlashback

May 31, 2015

Do you ever catch a whiff of a familiar scent and you are immediately transported back to a time or a moment in your life that was special? Perhaps the spritz of a particular perfume reminds you of a lovely someone, or the aroma of a certain food causes a holiday flashback. It could be a moment forgotten, a moment lost amongst other memories that is suddenly brought back to life with one little sniff of that something wonderful. Or perhaps it is a vivid memory, a favourite even, and when you catch that familiar scent it gives you butterflies and makes you smile. Have you ever experienced this? Well Inntravel have very cleverly described this feeling as a Fragrant Flashback.

Inntravel, the company who offer independent walking holidays and encourage people to take the lesser-trodden path, have set up a new new walking vacation in the Lavender scented hills of Provence, from gentle strolls to beautiful hikes – it sounds dreamy! To celebrate the launch of this truly individual holiday experience, Inntravel asked myself and several other bloggers what is our Fragrant Flashback, what is that special scent that makes us travel back in time? For me, it’s morning time dew…


Dew itself doesn’t actually have a smell, as its just tiny little droplets of water. But the water evaporating in the early morning air brings out the smell of the surroundings – the plants, the grass and the earth. And when my boyfriend and I travelled part of the East Coast of Australia in our trusty little Campervan, that was the smell I woke up to every morning.

Waking up to the fresh smell of plants and greenery was wonderful. I could breathe in and feel the moisture in the air and it smelled so clean. These days if I happen to catch that crisp scent, images of tall trees and unusual plants immedately spring to mind. I can close my eyes and imagine lying in our little rickety spray-painted campervan, waking up for another beautiful day, listening to the kookaburra’s up in the tress and watching a lizard crawl into the woods.

fragrant flashback tink jayne 2

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The road trip that we took was one of the happiest times of my life; it was just us, our campervan and the open road. And I loved that life we had on the road; I loved cooking our food on the gas stove, sleeping outside next to amazing woodlands, or parking up at beautiful beaches that we found. I loved being surrounded by nature and all the interesting animals. But most of all I loved waking up each day knowing I was about to go on a brand new journey and explore another part of Australia, whether it was swimming at the beach of Byron Bay, or setting up camp in the hills and mountains of Nimbin. And so catching that fresh morning dewy smell will forever make me think of that wonderful time of my life. If I could bottle up that refreshing crisp scent and spritz it every morning, I would.


Inntravel would love to know what your fragrant flashback is (and me, cos I’m nosey), so why not get to twitter using the hashtag #myfragrantflashback and tell us what smell makes you travel back in time, or share your fragrant flashback in the comments below…

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