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Prepping my Feet for Summer

May 28, 2015

I’m not a fan of feet. It’s not that I hate them, I just think they look so odd. These weird slabs of meat and bone, with oddly shaped toes on the end, all completely different sizes. Plus, the poor things have to carry us around all day, in fact they spend most of their time smacking the floor beneath us covered up in a sweaty shoe. This leads to cuts, blisters, dead skin and neglected toe nails … well that’s my experience anyway. But with Summer officially here and strappyย sandals lining up the racks of shoe shops, I decided it was time to take my poor feet out of hibernation and get them prepped for some Summer lovin’. Here is how I gave my feet a ruddyย good summer pampering…

Scholl Express Pedi Pampering

1) Soaking I live in a studio flat and so a bath is a luxury I just don’t have, and I don’t think my feet would appreciate a ‘relaxing shower’ where they have to once again hold my entire weight – poor feet. So I a started by grabbing a big bowl/tub and immersing my trotters into lovely warm water filled with bubbles, and I gave them a good soak.

2) Express Pediย For this next step I couldn’t have wet feet. I made sure they were completely dry; no wrinkly wet toes allowed. ย I got out my brand new Scholl Express Pedi* – which came with batteries, well done Scholl – and using the electrical rolling head (insert rude joke here) I removed all the dead skin under my heels and big toe. I have to say, I LOVE this Express Pedi! It is so easy to use, and although I was scared of slicing a foot open and ending up in A&E with a weird-looking giant ย bottle opener hanging off one foot, it is in fact completely safe, pain-free and it really does work a treat. The back and bottom of my feet felt super-soft afterwards, andย they no longer looked all dried up or cracked.

3) Moisturiseย I would normally moisturise my feet with my regularย body lotion, but with my Scholl Express Pedi I received Scholl’s Dry Skin Instant Recovery cream. I rubbed it all over my feet, concentrating on the roughest parts of my skin. My feet absorbed it really quickly, meaning no sticky feet and I have to admit it left my feet feeling lovely and smooth. I’ve been using it daily since the first application to keep em nice and soft.

4) Nails Finally, I filed and shaped my toe nails (as best as I could, I wasn’t lying about the odd shapes and sizes, you can see for yourself) and I gave them a couple of coats of my fave pink nail varnish to make them look all pretty … as pretty as my feet can look.

All that’s left is to somehow get a tan, add a cute anklet and me feet are officially summerfied! Do you have any tips orย furtherย steps I should take to making my feet look bearable in a sandal?
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