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The Wall of Wanderlust

May 26, 2015
travel world map hug Tink Jayne

Space fascinates me. The idea that there are hundreds more worlds out there and an infinity of stars and black holes just waiting to be discovered. And I think we will get there in time. In years to come I imagine that a six month cruise around Jupiter will be as normal as a two week cruise in the Mediterranean:
Darling, shall we do another Space Cruise?’
No, let’s not, I’d prefer a holiday on dry land this time
Well the Smiths have got a time share on the South of Mars, shall we visit?’
Splendid, I’ll book the Space Shuttle
I doubt I’ll still be alive by the time these conversations become a thing of normality. But I don’t mind, I may not be able to travel into Space and holiday on another planet, but that’s okay because I’ve got my own Planet to explore.

travel world map

What may be seen as a tiny dot in this huge solar system, is my world of wanderlust. And before I die I hoped to have explored every corner of it. I’ve already reached the most eastern point of Australia and made it to the West side of America. I’ve hopped from China to Thailand, and Thailand to Vietnam. But it’s not enough. I want to eat Sushi at 4am in the Tokyo fish market in Japan. I want to wrap up in a big coat and scarf as I watch the Northern Lights in Iceland. I want to lean on the edge of Victoria Falls in South Africa. I want to swim with Dolphins, dance in Brazil and eat pancakes in Canada. I’ll never be done exploring Planet Earth.

travel, world map

travel, world map

For travel inspiration I have set up my own wall of Wanderlust using this Giant World Map Mural* from It even came with wallpaper paste to make it permanent, but as I’m renting I stuck with the blue tack. This map is HUGE. I am loving having the whole world on my wall. Even just staring at the map I’ve learnt of places I’d never heard of before (Gobi Dessert? Cooper Creek?) It’s such a beautiful mural too, and it really makes you realise just how big our tiny dot of a Planet is. So many people, so many cultures, so many animals and rivers and mountains. Here is to Wanderlust, Travel, and most of all Planet Earth.

travel world map

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