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Dog Walking & Money Trees • The Lake District

May 19, 2015

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Earlier this month the Beard and I trained it up to Liverpool to visit my family. Trips up North usually involve a morning of tea, bacon butties and catching up, followed by shopping with my Mum in Liverpool One, then maybe going for dinner somewhere local. As much as I love doing that, it was getting a bit routine. So my Mum and I thought we should do something different this time, something outdoorsy. When my Sisters and I were little we were a very outdoorsy family, always going on long walks and camping holidays. So we decided to go to the Lake District; a place we used to visit frequently as children, but I realised I hadn’t been there in 17 years (feeling very old right now!)

My Mum packed the two dogs, Teebo & Neesha, into the car (both dogs are named after Ewoks from Star Wars, can you guess why?) and she made sure to pack some old school packed lunches too; I’m talking cheese & ham sandwiches, bananas, bacon crisps and a flask of hot coffee. And then the five of us – Me, my Mum, the Beard and the Dogs – were on our way, leaving Liverpool nice and early at 8.30am and arriving into Lake District territory for around 10ish. I felt like I was six years old again as I peered out the window at the mountains, and stuck my tongue out at the rain clouds. Luckily they got message and backed off.

I had images in my head of how the Lake District had looked – hilly, very green, lots of lakes – but I had honestly forgotten just how Beautiful it is up there. Having spent so much time traveling Asia and Australia, and seeing such amazing exotic Mountains, Rivers and fascinating views, I had forgotten about the incredible sites on my own soil!

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Our first stop was the beautiful Tarn Hows, and I learnt that Tarn means: A Lake in, or on, a Mountain. We parked up in the teeny car park, where we had to pay a couple of quid, but if you are a member of the National Trust it’s completely free. If your into country walks and National parks then it’s worth joining the National Trust, it’s just £5 a month and gives you unlimited entry to hundreds of places and free parking at most of the Parks, plus you get a National Trust handbook.

We decided we would do a full circle of the Tarn, which started on a hill then had a small decent that lead into the woods. To my right was the huge Tarn itself, and to my left was tall trees and babbling brooks. It was beautiful. We even came across a Money Tree. I’ve never seen one before or have any idea where it came from or who started it, but it was lined with coins, so of course we had to add our own shiny 10 pence piece. Watch the vlog to see just how badly we struggled to get it in….

We found the perfect spot for lunch overlooking the Tarn, so sat down to eat our sandwiches and of course take a zillion photos – it was just too beautiful not to. We also met a dog who was afraid of bridges and so its owners had to take two legs each and carry him! We met lots of dogs and their owners and I’m not surprised, if you have a dog this really is a great spot to walk them. The full circle is about 3km and there is plenty of woodland for the dogs to go and frolic in.

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After Tarn Hows we drove to Grasmere, which is not far from Hawkshead (all the towns sounds like they are from a Harry Potter book which is another reason I love the Lake District). There we parked up and began another walk. We started in the woods, walking past some angry looking rams, and then headed up onto the hill before deciding to walk around Lake Grasmere. Not all the way around though, as I think the full walk is around 6km and our dogs only have tiny little legs. Once half way round though we did stop by the edge of the lake and let the dogs had a little paddle. We did panic at one point when Neesha, the long haired sandy dog, went too far out and discovered that the floor beneath her does in fact disappear! We just saw that tiny little mouth of hers bob under the water and the next thing she was turned around and paddling back.

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After the doggy paddling was done we turned back on ourselves to head to the car park, re-walking the trail we had just done. By this point we were all hungry having walked for almost four hours in total, and I was quite thirsty too. So we drove to the Red Lion in Grasmere, which is a dog-friendly pub and we parked our bums down for some pub food and a glass of wine. I must have been tired because I didn’t photograph my food, not even an Instagram post! But I can tell you I had the most delicious Giant Yorkshire Pudding filled with carrots, broccoli and lamb – nomnomnom.

Have you ever visited the Lake District?

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