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Let’s Talk Teeth • CocoWhite Review

May 18, 2015

Does coco white really work oil pulling review Tink JayneI’ve always been very insecure about my teeth. They are definitely my least favourite feature and they have been my biggest confidence struggle of the past ten years. In fact it’s only very recently that I have actually started smiling properly in photos – having previously perfected camera tricks and poses to fake a natural nice smile. So to not only be writing this post, but to film the vlog below in which I talk openly about my teeth’s insecurity issues IS A BIG FREAKING DEAL for me! The subject of teeth, especially my own, is normally a subject I dodge. But when I decided to try out CocoWhite, the latest trend in Teeth Whitening, I decided to vlog it and to get all my toothy issues off my chest.

But before I get to the vlog, let me just tell you about the product. Ever heard of Oil Pulling? It is basically an ancient Indian dental technique that involves swishing oil around your mouth to give you a healthier mouth. CocoWhite are a company who are reinventing this tradition and offering their own, specially flavoured, oil packs for Oil Pulling. Each pack is £19.99 and contains 14 sachets of flavoured Coconut oil to basically clean your mouth and whiten your teeth. I’ve always thought that if my teeth were whiter I would like them more and feel more confident, and so have always been on a hunt for a decent whitening product that is within my budget. I was yet to find a product I could rely on, so when I heard about CocoWhite I was super keen to try it out …

Have you tried CocoWhite? Or have you found a Teeth Whitening product that actually works? I’d love to know in the comments below…

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