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How to Slide Down a Waterfall

May 12, 2015

Sliding down a waterfall – not something you would probably do much of here in the UK. Not that our Waterfalls aren’t good enough, they are beautiful, but weโ€™d probably freeze our arses off, have to push ourselves off a sheer drop and no doubt crash land onto a heap of rocks. But in the deep jungle of South East Asia there are lots of small and serene waterfalls that are smooth enough to slide down and their water flows into a secluded lagoon โ€“ water world, eat your heart out.

Waterfall Group Shot

The Beard and I were taken to such a waterfall in Chiang Mai whilst on a trek through the jungle. Despite the downpour we had that day, it was still incredibly hot, in fact we had welcomed the rain. The dry soil beneath us had turned to soppy mud and the humidity was almost unbearable, the air noticeably moist. So when our tour guide, a local man, asked if we wanted to cool down at the Waterfall nearby, obviously our answer was YES! Unlike all the other waterfalls we came acroos in SEA, this one wasnโ€™t well known or advertised โ€“ I guess tourists would have a hard time finding it! – so when we arrived it was completely deserted. It was wonderful. Then our tour guide gave a crash course on how one slides down a waterfall without killing oneself *Shock Face* Should you find yourself in such a situation, here are 5ย steps to help you on your way:


1) Make sure you have a local who knows exactly what they are doing
2) Make sure you watch that local do it first, so that you know exactly what YOU are doing
3) Check how deep the water below is so that you don’t break your legs, or crack your skull. Itโ€™s not a good idea to go plummeting into shallow water.
4) Check how smooth the top of the waterfall is so that you don’t cut yourself on rocks or chafe your arse on the way down (ouch)
5) Ask yourself, ‘Do I really want to slide down a waterfall in the middle of this foreign country, in the middle of this unknown jungle, where I could seriously injure myself, or worse, die???’

If the answer is Yes, then you are braver than I am, who said a big fat NO to sliding down a waterfall. If your answer, like mine, is No, then that’s totally fine, just sit back in the cool water, relax and watch your boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend/tour guide/random person do the sliding instead, just as I did in this video….

If no one wants to slide down it, thatโ€™s fine (and probably very sensible!) Instead just take off ya clothes and hop in for a refreshing dip by a waterfall. Whether your jumping off, sliding down, or just relaxing and taking it in, Iโ€™m sure it will be a magical experience; waterfalls are amazing, I find almost all of them have something enchanting about them.

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