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Five Guys and a Filthy Breakfast • London

May 8, 2015






Five Guys

5-6 Argyll St, London, W1F 7TE

There has been so much hype around Five Guys – the latest and tastiest in American fast food – but as usual I hadn’t caught up with the trend. I knew I needed to get my arse down there to try out these world-famous burgers for myself, and so I was planning to do a Five Guys lunch date with the Beard. But then we kindly got invited along to try out their Breakfast menu. Hold up. Breakfast Menu? I had no idea they did a Breakfast Menu! Move over burgers, there is a new kinda Sandwich in town, and it’s eggier than a farmers chicken house. And I’m not talking about an egg McMuffin kinda breakfast, I’m talking crispy bacon and double eggs all piled onto one sloppy beast of a sandwich, drowning in toppings!

The Beard and I headed to Five Guys on Thursday morning for our breakfast date* and we were wowed by not only the food but the experience as a whole. First of all, it’s like walking into America, and you all know how much I LOVE America. With its rows of booths and simple red and white interior, it reminds me of a 1950’s fast food joint. And it is brightly lit – perfect for all us bloggers wanting to Instagram the shizzle out of our food. Second of all, it’s fast food, so it literally is just a matter of queuing, ordering, grabbing, eating. Job done. But unlike the likes of KFC, McDonalds and other fast food chains, Five Guys food is handcrafted in front of you. There is no wall between you and the guy making your breakfast or burger, Five Guys breaks down that barrier, everyone is friends at Five Guys. In fact the guy who served us our bacon sandwiches on Thursday morning was super-duper happy. Less can be said for us. It was 8.30am … and we are NOT morning people.

Onto the food itself. I’ll be honest, when I first saw the prices I thought it was a little on the expensive side for fast food (our two sandwiches plus drinks would have cost around £6.50 each) but these guys mean business. The sandwiches are big, meaty, not to mention incredibly fresh! And when you order a breakfast sandwich you can chose up to 15 free toppings, no extra charges for your pickles – or whatever it is you like – so you’re getting your money’s worth. My bacon and egg sandwich was easily 3 times chunkier than your average fast food breakfast; I struggled to get my mouth around it. I topped it with relish and fried onions and had it oozing with ketchup. It was delicious, so much egg. Egg egg egg! The Beard went for a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich topped with mayo and lettuce. Other sandwiches available are plain egg sandwichs, egga nd cheesem veggie, and grilled cheese. Hot drinks are availble and cold drinks are self-service and refillable and I got waaaaay too excited about the drinks machine offering six different flavours of coke, SIX *jumps around* We were going to try the fries too, but we declined as it felt too early. I immediately regretted it when I got into the office and everyone told me how foolish I’d been to turn down Five Guys fries. But now that I’ve tried the breakfast, I definitely want to go back and try their burgers for lunch, so of course I will pile on the fries then.

WARNING: If you have a peanut allergy, DO NOT order the fries. All fries are cooked in pure, no cholesterol peanut oil.

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