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Chai Latte Smoothie with Vita Coco

May 7, 2015


vita coco smoothieHave you tried the new Vita Cocos? The Coconut Water brand have brought out their own Coffee range *Jumps for Joy* I love coconut water, it’s my no.1 hangover drink, so the idea of a coffee version got me VERY excited.

Alongside the other flavours, which include Natural, Lemonade, and Pineapple, Vita Coco are now doing a Cafe Latte drink and a Mocha drink. The original Cafe Latte contains one strong shot of espresso, coconut water and a splash of reduced fat milk. The Mocha version is made up of exactly the same ingredients but with an added dash of cocoa.

Served chilled, they taste amazing. The original Cafe Latte is my fave of the two. But as I’m trying to swap my morning coffees for smoothies, I decided to incorporate the two and ended up making a bit ofย Chai Latte Smoothie. Just grab the following ingredients and mix in a blender:

Vita Coco Cafe Latte (or Mocha)
1 Frozen Banana
A Handful of Chai Seeds
A Drizzle of Honey
1 tsp of Ground Cinnamon

To freeze a Banana, just peel it and put it in the freezer. Apparently your meant to put it in a plastic food bag for the best results, but I just peeled and chucked it in as it was. Also, if your finding you’d like a largerย Smoothie, just top up with fat free milk.

This is definitely the tastiest Smoothie I’ve made yet, and with the protein from the Chai seeds and the Banana, plus the natural goodness from the coconut water, it’s healthier than you think. Back in January I was buying full fat caramel lattes everyday, AND adding sugar to them. So this is definitely a healthier option for me.

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