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Try a #FatBitchFriday

April 17, 2015

A bit of an unusual post from me today, but a necessary one. I’ve been blogging and tweeting a lot lately about healthy lifestyle, such as this post, and this one. But now for something completely contradiction and on the oppositeΒ end of the food spectrum – Fat Bitch Friday!

#FatBitchFriday is a concept that my dear friend Selina and I came up with over two years ago. We used to work in the same department and after (attempting) to eat healthy allΒ week long, we would always treat ourselves to some good old fashioned junk food on a Friday, which we would then not-so-shamelessly tweet about, encouraging others to eat it too. It usually came in the form of McDonalds or KFC. Yes, some people find it revolting and yes, some people say that these kind of fast food companies are everything that is wrong with the world. But I disagree.


Don’t get me wrong, I love going out for a delicious meal at a restaurant (as you can see from these posts) and I love healthy foods too, and of course I just love a good hearty home cooked meal. And yes I know that the likes of a McDonalds Cheese Burger is basically a lump of fatty processed meat – but sometimes I just want to chomp down on a greasy burger with a slap of cheese that’s covered in secret sauce and drizzled with relish.

So why not try it out yourself? Meet some friends for lunch and go for Pizza and then show the world without shame. Or have a #FatBitchFriday sleepover and order a Dominos, and be proud. Of course it doesn’t have to be fast food. I was recently doing a semi-hardcore diet (if there is such a thing) and my #FatBitchFriday treat to myself usually came to me in Wine or Cocktails – because a girl has got to have some fun! Or perhaps you’ve been craving a big juicy steak with stilton cheese melted all over it (NOM!)


But let’s get serious – just for a moment, I promise – ultimately this concept is about letting your body have what it wants because it deserves it. We put too much pressure on ourselves to be skinny and thin, to work out, and to be healthy. I for one believe in a healthy diet, and I myself have been very eager to lose weight recently and have been dieting and exercising like a mad woman, but sometimes we need a treat. The calorie counting and the craving of naughty foods can sometimes get a bit much. So Β personally, I end up splurging. But when I splurge on naughty foods I end up feeling guilty, punishing myself and putting myself down. Well, NO MORE, I say. I am reinstating #FatBitchFriday and I want you to join in too. We work hard all week, so take this wonderful Friday, and every Friday, to be as greedy as you like and to eat the naughty foods you crave WITHOUT feeling the guilt. I’m all about the salads, the fish and two hundred jumping jacks everyday, but Friday is officially about the FAT!

If you Tweet or Instagram yourΒ Fabulous Fat Treats (because everything tastes better when you Instagram it!) then use the hashtag #FatBitchFriday so I can drool over it too. Now, McDonalds or KFC?

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