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Packing for Paris #CityBreakStyle

April 15, 2015

Travel Supermarket asked ten bloggers, including me, if we could style a weekends worth of outfits for a potential city break for their #CityBreakStyle challenge. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. The real challenge is that we would only be allowed to take hand luggage. Each blogger was given a destination to work with, and all ten entries are to be judged by expert Stylist Nicole Smallwood and the winner of the challenge actually gets to jet set off to on their City Break โ€“ Woohoo. Nicole will be judging on not only the Fashion, but functionality too! I was lucky enough to bag Paris as my destination, which is Parfait for me because I’ve been attempting to learn French, and it’s on my To Do list to revisit the city of Paris and fall inlove with it all over again *grabs a croissant and pours a black coffee* So, without further ado, here is my #CityBreakStyle โ€ฆ



Travel in Style and Comfort
When it comes to flying I have to be comfortable, I also have to be warm (planes get so chilly). With this in mind I chose Jeans for my travel wear, selecting this flared pair from Mango; I am loving the 70โ€™s trend at the moment, which is why I chose these John Lennon-esque sunglasses too.
To add a French twistย to my travel look I picked this cute stripey tee from H&M (why is it that us Brits feel so much more French in stripes?) For further comfort,ย I teamed the jeans and tee with a pair of chunky sandals – this particular pair of New Look sandals are the comfiest shoes Iโ€™ve ever worn.
When it came to finding a Staple jacket for the weekend, I was really torn between an edgy leather jacket or a tidy blazer. In the end I felt a blazer was much more sheek, and the same goes for this gorgeous white structured backpack.

Day 1 night

From Day to Night Dinner Time
Whilstย most of my outfits for the weekend follow the 70’s trend, I couldn’t resist a bit of a 90’s dress code for my arrivalย in Paris.This outfit is not only channelling my inner Parisian chic, but Cher Horowitz too.
When I arrive in a new city, the first thing I love to do is head out to dinner to try some of the local food. So to save time faffing in my hotel room changing an entire outfit to go for dinner, I have simply made a few changes to my travel outfit, swapping my jeans for a cuteย mini skirtย and someย over-the-knee socks, and slipping intoย some platforms. Red beretย might be over doing it, but I’m on holiday!

deuxjours Day 2 Day

Sightseeing in Silk
Do you believe in Love at first sight? I do. I fell in love with this gorgeous silk patterned dress as soon as I saw it, which is why Iโ€™m choosing it for my day of Sightseeing. If there is lots of walking involved I canโ€™t be doing with tight or restricted clothes, so this dress is perfect, itโ€™s lose and free enough for a day of walking and sightseeing, whilst also being Picture Perfect for all those holiday snaps. Iโ€™ve teamed it with my chunky sandals and cute white socks, because thatโ€™s what proper tourists wear! But for some delicate details, I added this beautiful lilac ring to the outfit.
This may not be your typical Sightseeing outfit (where is the bum bag and walking boots? I hear you ask) but with Paris being such a beautiful city, Iโ€™d want to look my best for it. And being a blogger I would obviously be taking a trillion travel snaps and OOTD pics with Paris as my backdrop, so style is as equally important as comfort for this outfit.

Day 2 Night

Cocktails in the City
Cocktails in the city of Paris calls for pure Glamour, which is why I selected this 70โ€™s inspired flared Catsuit. Itโ€™s sexy shape screams Diane Von Furstenberg, whilst itโ€™s demure all-over-black simplicity, to me, says Parisian Lady. For that plunging neckline Iโ€™ve added this humble but beautiful dagger necklace, which goes perfectly with the stacked rings that Iโ€™ve made my staple jewellery for the trip.
I love, love, love this outfit, BUT it was turning out to be too Super Model for plain old Tink Jayne over here, so I had to throw in a Fedora hat to add a big sprinkle of me to the outfit. A jacket isnโ€™t needed with this look, so it would be case of popping the Cara Camera bag on my shoulder, and Voila, Iโ€™m ready to go cocktailing.

troisjours Day 3 Day

The Chill Out Wear
Itโ€™s is very, very likely, that after an evening trying out the Parisian nightlife and tasting delicious cocktails, that I will wake up the next morning feeling a little worse for wear. So Day three is set aside for eating! Iโ€™d be visiting multiple coffee shops and patisserieโ€™s to stuff my face with cakes and croissants and maybe even hit the shops for some retail therapy (not too much though as it wonโ€™t fit in my hand luggage). So this outfit is all about being relaxed.
Being hungover, the sunglasses are a must! Iโ€™m donning my mango jeans again and wearing them with this adorable cropped tee and my fedora hat because an early morning hair wash is out of the question. Itโ€™s likely that I will be wearing this outfit to fly home in too, so Iโ€™ve got my trusty backpack to carry all my bits, and my chunky sandals on to see me through the day.

So, what do think of my #CityBreakStyle entry?ย I didn’t want to cram in lots of different outfits and accessories into one little luggage bag, instead my goal was to create a few stylish outfits whilst using staple items throughout the city break, such as the Black blazer, my oversized sunnies and my white backpack. With limited room I packed just one pair of shoes in my luggage, wearing the other pair on the plane, andย restricted myself when it came to lipsticks and nail polishes. I also wanted to achieve a sort of Parisian feel to my weekend wardrobe whilst mixing it with the 70’s trend, which if you haven’t guessed – I am loving!

Are you going on any City Breaks this year? Will be you packing a full case or doing your own Hand Luggage challenge?