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The Slimming Solutions Teatox

April 13, 2015

The Teatox. A trend we all went a little crazy for last summer. We no longer want to just think Skinny thoughts, we want to drink them too. I imagine the Teatox sales dipped over the Winter months, us consumers choosing to cover up our lumps & bumps with thick woolly jumpers instead. But with Summer fast approaching, and Bikini weather just around the corner, it seems every woman and her pooch is back on the Tea’s, including me…

You may remember last summer I ventured into the world of Teatoxing, and I even filmed a little Teatox vlog. I ordered myself the 14 day BooTea package. However I had very mixed feeling about the ends results; whilst it did wonders for my skin, I was pretty disappointed that I didn’t lose any weight and wasn’t 100% convinced that you could drink yourself skinny.


However, it seems I have found a Teatox brand that actually really worked for me – Slimming Solutions 14 Day Teatox*. The packaging may not be as cute, and the teas may not be the most delicious teas you have ever drank, but it’s whats inside that counts. Just like every other Teatox, the pack includes 14 daytime tea’s and seven night time tea’s to take every other night, BUT, I’ve checked and it seems the Slimming Solutions evening tea ingredients are slightly different to other Teatox’s, which is maybe what is setting it apart from the rest. According to Slimming Solutions, this TeaTox helps you to burn fat and removes toxins. And After completing their Teatox, I have to say I agree – over the 14 day period I lost 5lbs!!

So I wanted to share with you guys exactly HOW I made it work for me, because unless you’re a salad-obsessed-fitness-fanatic who already lives and breathes health, simply adding these Tea’s to your diet won’t help you lose weight. Think of it as you do 60% of the work and Slimming Solutions will chuck in the other 40%. Here is what you can do, and what I did, to get the ultimate results from the Slimming Solutions Teatox….

  • First things first, try to drink your daily tea as soon as you wake up. I know everyone has different schedules and for some people mornings are the busiest times of the day, but even if you have to pop it in a beaker to take with you on the School run, it’s advised you drink it it within the first 30 minutes of waking up
  • For your night time tea, try and drink it around 30 minutes before you go to bed
  • If you have a sweet tooth like me, then sweeten it with honey, not sugar. In fact swap out all sugar in hot drinks for sweeteners, they are usually zero calories per tablet
  • Make an effort to replace any other tea you drink throughout the day with herbal tea. If you can’t stand herbal tea and you’re already pushing the boat out by doing a Teatox, then carry on drinking normal tea – I did – but replace your milk with either skimmed milk or almond milk. Same goes for your coffee. Oh, and your cereal
  • The tea’s help you to burn fat, but did you know that alcohol basically stops your body from burning fat, so if you’re going to be drinking alcohol you may as well not bother with the tea’s. I’m not saying cut it out completely, but maybe just limit yourself to one night per week (perhaps #fatbitchfriday ??)
  • Make an effort to exercise, even if you just go for a long walk or do a workout in your living room. Try and do an hour at least every other day if you want to see results
  • When planning your meals try to eat lean dishes such as Chicken and Fish, avoid fatty meats and eat plenty of veg
  • Obviously you want to try and swap unhealthy snacks for fruit, but if you really need a good sugar fix try eating Rich Tea biscuits or Popcorn
  • Avoid Takeaways and Junk food at all costs!
  • Drink LOTS of water. Water not only eliminates fat and is great for your skin, but if you drink a lot of it whilst eating your meals you can trick your body into feeling full, meaning you will eat less

Stick to these little tip bits whilst your doing the Slimming Solutions 14 day Teatox and your bound to see results. I not only lost 5lbs but I had so much more energy and woke up every day feeling refreshed. I’ve been making huge changes to my life lately – I even gave up cider and bread for a period – so this Teatox fit perfectly into that lifestyle change. I would definitely do it again, especially as it fits perfectly into my budget too. It’s just £19.99 and at the moment there is even a 2for1 offer on, so why not do it with a friend?

I’ve actually been browsing the Slimming Solutions website and they have so much amazing stuff on there, from Boot Camp packages and tasty weight-loss shakes to waist-training corsets. I am so tempted to try a corset. It worked for Kim Kardashian right?