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How to get the most out of your BIODERMA Sebium H2O

March 31, 2015

I know this product has been blogged to death, and I can totally see why, it’s fantastic. It’s twice the price as the cleanser I used to use (Simple skin), but totally worth it because let’s face it, it’s AMAZING. But are you getting the most out of your Bioderma? With it being a bit on the pricey side, and quite hard to come by (Superdrug, can you just stock this product already!) you need to make sure you’re getting all you can out of this blue treasure. Mine has not only become the most vital part of my daily skin routine, but this product has become an essential item on my dressing table, knocking off a few others. Here is how to get the most out of your Bioderma:

#1 Use it to correct your make-up
Picture this – you’ve finally completed the perfect eye shadow combo and are in the middle of applying perfectly winged eyeliner when you lose your cool and your fingers go all ski whiff causing a blotch of black gel to sit on your eye lid. Frustrating right? PreΒ Bioderma days I would grab a make-up wipe to amend, only to end up with black smudges or worse I’d end up wiping off all the make-up I just spent 30 minutes applying. BIODERMA TO THE RESCUE. These days I do not fret, instead I get a little cotton pad, or a cotton bud/Q-tip and add the tiniest drop of that lovely blue solution to the corner/tip of the cotton. I then very gently dab the smudged/damaged area and it disappears without spoiling the layer of make-up underneath

Bioderma clean brushes

#2 Clean your make-up brushes with it
Prior to Bioderma I was using warm water and anti-bacterial wash, which makes sense. But it felt like such a chore. Then my rather clever Sister suggested using Bioderma and voila, I have a new quick and easy routine for washing my make-up brushes. I dab a little bit onto a flat cotton pad and rub my brush vigorously into the pad. You won’t believe how much make-up and dirt comes off. After you have cleaned as much as you can, rinse the brush under a luke warm tap. Your brushes will be left feeling super-soft, germ-free and cleansed.

#3 Use it to remove unwanted Fake Tan
We’ve all been there with dodgy fake tans, the bottle said it would last 24 hours, but 36 hours later your face is a combination of white and orange steaks, and soap and water just aren’t doing the trick. That’s where Bioderma steps in. Whilst it may not work very well when it comes to taking off β€˜Gradual Tan moisturisers’ if you’ve had a bad experience with fake tan or a dodgy bronzer, try striping it off with your Bioderma.


#4 Remove ink with it (and other bizarre skin stains)
Are you one of those people who writes notes to yourself on your hand, and then can’t get it off later that night? Or perhaps you went out to a club and got your hand stamped, then the following morning in a department meeting you notice the smudged remains of the stamp,Β and you suddenly feel shame and embarrassment as you think to yourself I did Shower … didn’t I? (It has happened to me so many times). It’s because ink is much harder to get off your skin than any cream and powder make-ups. But Bioderma can easily erase that stuff, so next time you’ve been doodling on the hand, or had a late night, dabb your hands withΒ Bioderma before you leave the house.

#5 Take your face off with it
The obvious one! This stuff literally strips the make-up off your face. I got sick of using an eye make-up remover in the evenings, then a cleanser, then a toner, I just felt like my skincare routine was getting longer and longer, and I wanted to condense it. So in the evenings, I tend to use a cotton pad of Bioderma to take all my make-up off (and boy does it do an AMAZING job) and then I get a fresh pad of Bioderma to give my product-free skin a good clean. I can’t believe the amount of make-up and dirt that Bioderma pulls off compared to other cleansers and make-up removers, and it leaves your skin feeling so refreshed.