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Grillstock Smokeshack • Bristol

March 20, 2015


Grillstock 4


Grillstock 2

Grillstock Smokeshack

St.Nicks Market, Bristol

Down a little Bristol lane is the little St.Nicks Market where you can find this cute and tasty Smokeshack. Hung-over, tired and in a rush to meet up with our friends, the Beard and I chose this little place to grab some lunch when we were visiting Bristol last month. Or rather, it chose us! Pulling us in with mixed scents of tender shredded lamb and juicy pulled pork, we took one look at the food and knew we had to try this place. Despite Grillstock being a rather famous name – with eateries in both Bristol and Bath – I had never heard of it. Even so, I was sold on the product before even tasting it. The scent alone had my mouth watering.

I ordered the slow smoked (18 hours slow) lamb that was shredded and served on bap with coleslaw and mint sauce (around £6). The Beard went for the Pulled Pork (obviously) which had a ‘Backyard BBQ Seasoning’, topped with coleslaw, all served on a bap (around £8). We shared a can of coke and perched ourselves on the picnic-style benches that sit right by the Smokeshack, ready to submerse our teeth into these succulent sandwiches. My lamb bap was absolutely delicious, a perfect Hang-over cure, and the greedy girl in me could have quite easily made room for another. The Beard literally inhaled his Pulled Pork Bap and told me afterwards it was incredible. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to try his because I would have got a reaction along the lines of this….

I loved the Grillstock branded brown paper that our baps were served in, it’s such a cute touch and sets it apart from other such food stalls. If your popping to Bristol be sure to check out St.Nicks Market, and if pulled pork and smoked lamb isn’t your thing there are plenty of other food places along St.Nicks market. Of course, if like us you LOVE your meats, particulary a good British hearty and meaty meal, then definitely give Grillstock some lovin’.

Looking for somewhere a bit more upmarket but cheap? Check out this place.