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Instagram Diary No.64

March 16, 2015

instagramLife Lately…

1) Introducing my favourite new find, Coconut Oil, love it.
2) I cooked Chicken & Cashew Nut stir fry for the Beard and it was utterly delicious.
3) My morning routine has changed so much lately. I wake up, exercise, eat Special-K topped with Bananas and I enjoy a hot water with honey & lemon. I’ve no idea who this new Healthy person is, but I like her.
4) Been a bit Selfie obsessed lately ever since I discovered to the app Perfect365 – anyone else tried it?
5) I started a TeaTox with Slimming Solutions on Wednesday, fingers crossed it does some good.
6) Ooops, another Selfie
7) On Saturday we made Sweet Potato Hash Browns so that I could enjoy a healthier cooked breakfast
8) I’m only allowing myself to drink Coffee on weekends, so Sunday I filled my mini cafetiere with Fortnum & Masons finest coffee
9) I love a lazy Sunday. I spent the day enjoying coffee, writing a short story and cuddling the Beard