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#MotivationalMarch 2015

March 2, 2015

How is it March already? It feels like yesterday I was opening my advent calendar and wrapping presents, then BAM itโ€™s March! No complaints though, I am very excited about Spring – I love this time of year. The evenings are starting to get lighter, the long Easter weekend is getting closer (not to mention my Birthday) and itโ€™s also time to get motivatedโ€ฆ

You may remember that last year I created #MotivationalMarch – basically an excuse to get myself motivated and focused on a few things and then blog all about, and I asked a few other bloggers to take part too. I enjoyed it so much last year (completing 2 out of 3 of my goals) that I have decided to do it again this year. I feel like March is a great time to do something like this; itโ€™s been two months since we set those New Year Resolutions and no doubt many of them have been dropped, if they were even started. #MotivationalMarch is a good excuse to get back to working towards those goals. For me, two of this yearโ€™s goals are linked to back my New Year Resolutions, whilst one goal is a brand new aimโ€ฆ


Lose Weight

At New Year I made the resolution to start exercising. I put on a fair bit of weight last year, and I wanted to shed some of it and tone up a bit. Well, that hasnโ€™t happened, and not only has zero effort been made, but since New Year I have actually gained weight (half a stone to be precise!). For some reason I felt incapable of going an hour without food. Well thatโ€™s all about to change. In fact I started dieting last Monday; opting for healthier foods and Iโ€™ve began exercising too. I already feel so much better for it, but I want to SEE results. Iโ€™m hoping that by the end of March I will have shed quite a few pounds and will be able to fit into my old skinny jeans.


Write Three Short Stories

My second New Year Resolution was to get writing. Now this I have been making an effort with; on Wednesday night I began a writing course with award winning author Kerry Hudson. Itโ€™s a 10 hour course, just eight of us on it, taking place each Wednesday night in East London over the next five weeks. I loved the first session and it has really motivated me to get writing. Whilst my overall aim is to write a novel, Iโ€™ve decided to get some practice in by writing a few short stories first and so this month I aim to have completed three. Iโ€™ve already begun my first, so Iโ€™ve got a little head start.


Get Creative with my Hair (and get my confidence back)

This one sounds a bit naff. But I feel like I make no effort with my appearance anymore, and maybe part of it is because I donโ€™t feel confident about myself after piling on the pounds. But just this weekend a short-haired friend of mine mentioned it must be great having long hair because I can do so much with it. At which point I rather shamefully pointed out I donโ€™t do anything exciting with my hair anymore. I used to dye it, dip it, do extravagant buns, giant quiffs, curl it, braid it, but these days itโ€™s either hanging loose on my shoulders or in a ponytail. The 25 year old me โ€“ who just loved trying out new hair styles – would be telling me off if she knew I no longer got creative with my hair. So my overall aim is to start taking more pride in my appearance starting with some different and fun hair styles.

So, to summarize, by the end of of March I should be a slimmer, toned up, short story writer with Fabulous hair, eh? And what about you? I want YOU to take part in this challenge. Please use the hashtag #MotivationalMarch if you do join in and feel free to leave your blog link in the comments so I can read all about your goals (please link back to this blog too). Here are a few bloggers I have tagged to take part and hope they blog about it too, come on guys, LETโ€™S DO THIS:

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