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The Bag that goes in your Bag

February 16, 2015

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For Christmas my Sister got me this very pretty Longchamp Le Pliage Cosmetics case, and I got a navy one for my Mum. Although itโ€™s a make-up bag my Sister told us she uses hers to hold her phone, keys and other โ€˜handbag bitsโ€™ that normally get lost in her bag. I decided to do the same rather than use it for my make-up (it was too pretty to get smeared in powders and concealer).

You see, I hate getting to my front door, shoving my hand in my bag to grab my keys, only to then blindly feel around for them for five minutes, before finally giving up, plonking my bag on the floor and peering inside to rustle through all my baggage. So I’m loving my Sisters idea; having a bag that goes in my bag worksย a treat. Inside my little bag bag, I carry my keys, my phone, a little tub of Vaseline, hand gel, my lipstick, and any other make-up I need for the day. It saves so much time on rustling through my big handbag and also saves me from losing my phone or keys (and also saves me from constantly singing the famous BGT song โ€“ whereโ€™s my keys? whereโ€™s my phone? – which immediately pops into my head the second I have to look for them).

Whether itโ€™s a Longchamp make-up bag, a pencil case from WH Smith, or your own funky DIY design, I definitely think you should get yourself a bag that goes in your bag. Itโ€™s perfect for keeping your essentials safe, and saves you time rummaging for your phone, lipstick, or whatever it is you like to have to hand. You can purchase the Longchamp Le Pliage Cosmetics Case from Selfridges, and it comes in a selection of colours, or here are a few low-budget bags Iโ€™ve spotted online, that could quite easily be a bag for your bagโ€ฆ.


Starflower Case from Debenhams – ยฃ4.50 ย – Click here to buy

00537633Portobello Rose Pencil Case – ยฃ6 – Click here to buy


ASOS Hologram bag – ยฃ10 – Click here to buy

original_when-my-bra-matches-my-pants-make-up-bagHome & Glory Bag on – ยฃ14.50 – Click here to buy